Wait … Will Smith is BLACK?!?

Match Will Smith’s head to his beach body.

Um … I guess … A.

No, no … E.

Crapper. H. It has to be H.

I’m having a little trouble.


US Magazine, you know I love ya, Babe.



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22 responses to “Wait … Will Smith is BLACK?!?

  1. How do you do it, mommypie? I’m over here weeping with laughter!

  2. He is?! [Darting upstairs for MIB DVD] Hee hee.

  3. Oh gosh all mighty this was funny! What part of the brain creates this stuff! I want it, or at least to tap into it occasionally! Hillarious 🙂

  4. F? I have no eartly clue and I am too tired to a.) run out and get my own copy US Magazine and then cheat and flip the page right side up to decode it and/or b.) squint so I can make it out on your copy of it.

    But something tells me, hint hint hint, it’s gotta be F.

    Loved your photoshop heads. Coffee, keyboard…my husband is tiring of going through keyboards like some folks go through clean underwear…oh that’s right, but there are some of us that just turn our underwear inside out. What is the saying, reduce, reuse, recycle? Somehow I don’t think even Al Gore would approve of that one!

  5. Dude. Raised by a single dad. Which explains the inside-out underwear. Uh, and probably a lot more …

  6. Oh my GAWD, that is too much. Seriously…hysterical!

  7. Too funny for words. Now go get the Harvard Business Review and read something real;) Yawn.

  8. It disturbs me on multiple levels that the schmuck from The Hills is on this blog. Or any blog. Asshat.

    Oh, I just realized that might be embarrassing for me, because to know who Spencer is I had to have watched the show.

    What it must say that I am willing to share this flaw in my character.

  9. Oh oh! It’s F! And I only know that because of the way F’s arms are all flung out like, “Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! You want a piece of this, you bastard?” And then, Will’s face totally looks like he’s saying that.

  10. All I can say is, the next time a take a test — any test at all — I want it to be written by the people at US Magazine. Because I haven’t heard of half of those guys and I could still pass. : )

    You think funny, Miss Pie. I like that in a Doog.

  11. Dude…Umm I totally had to read the captions…I know I am slow…

  12. Hahhahahahah! That’s hilarious!

  13. That was funny. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  14. I’m so confused. And a little disturbed. I think I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

  15. William H. Macy?
    William H. Macy?


    Not that he’s not a great actor…but…?

    And Hank Azaria?

    I’m befuddled.

    As you were.

  16. I KNOW! Where’s the beef(cake)?

  17. I didn’t get past Penn Badgley. He’s mine Ms. Blake Lively! Mine!

  18. Mmmm. Will Smith. Yummy.

    I pick F.

    Lighting…it’s all in the lighting. And the photoshopping.

  19. The hardest part about this test for me was that, after your headline, I just KNEW Will Smith was black, but on my monitor, NONE of those torsos look even vaguely Latino, let alone African American. And, in fact, the darkest one is the “Irishman.” It took me a while to figure out that that was thanks to his chest rug. Also, what’s with the “hot” torsos of four men who have a big of pudge? This is a really hard test. Really.

  20. na-uh! will smith isn’t black. he just has a mean tan!

  21. and also Mommytime, what was that comment “vaguely Latino” mean? like a Latino chest has chalupas on them? irish chest has leprachauns? what? what? what?

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