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The Last Dragonfly

With temps getting down to the single digits at night, and snow on the ground, it’s hard to believe just last week it was warm. That’s the way things are in the Rockies (this part, at least) — one or two weeks of fall at the most. Which doesn’t actually bother me too much — I’m more of a cold-weather mama anyway.

So to celebrate the end of summer, and possibly the last dragonfly of the year, I give you a video taken last week. (Forgive the shoddy camera work — forgot you can’t rotate the camera when it’s in movie mode. Duh.)

Let me preface this by saying MP LOVES bugs. She’ll tell you all about caterpillars and the cocoons they build. That baby grasshoppers don’t have wings. That Rhinoceros Beetles are stronger than any insect or animal on earth. And that kids in Asia keep them as pets. Thankfully we do not live in Asia.

Then there’s the dragonfly. The awesome, beautiful dragonfly. (Did you know they can fly forward AND backward?)


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