Eye-poppin’ country tunes

Tonight a commercial for the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart came on. (Totally want to see, btw.)

There was singing. It was, of course, country.

And like a dog howling uncontrollably in response to a passing ambulance, MP broke out into an exaggerated tune of her own, emphasizing just the right amount of twang.

There used to be a woah-man

That I loved

But she hated me

And popped my eye out

Now I have one.

I was laughing too hard to write down the lyrics to the next song, but I CAN report, it involved two boys in love who couldn’t get married because it was against the law.

Oh, and sidenote? Tonight, for the first time, she asked where babies came from. Which took me completely off guard, but by the time “Weeelll …” came out of my mouth, she’d forgotten her question and was on to something else.




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3 responses to “Eye-poppin’ country tunes

  1. So . . . where do they come from?


  2. Rick's Cafe

    Yeah..what Foolery said!
    And don’t forget the pictures, cause me & words don’t always do good with each other.

  3. Lol! Kids are awesome! They say whatever pops into their heads. And they somehow know precisely the right questions to ask. My almost-4 year old is excited about having a baby sister on the way. But she wants a baby of her own. She asked if a doctor could put a baby into her belly too. I told her that when she grows up her husband will know how to put a baby in her belly. Which prompted more questions, more stuttered uncomfortable answers by a mom who was trying to think super fast of how to tell the TRUTH and nothing but the truth, but maybe not the WHOLE truth… 😉 3 1/2 is a bit young to need to know the logistics of how the baby gets in there. So I wound up distracting her with some other random facts. She now knows that the baby grows in the mommy’s uterus, that the daddy and God put the baby in there, and that when it’s time for the baby to come out, the uterus “goes squeeze! squeeze! squeeze! and squeezes the baby out and the minwife catches the baby and gives it to the mommy and the baby can drink milk from the mommy’s bretses and from the pink bottle in the box in the kitchen!” She feels quite informed and I just feel relieved to have been allowed to stop at that for a while. Whew! 😉

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