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Look out Martha. I gots me some Country Romance Points.

We’re getting chickens.

Technically, Grammy and MP are getting chickens, but we live within 500 feet of one another, so what’s Grammy’s is ours. (Yes, I am THAT neighbor.)

This isn’t an Easter thing — Grammy’s wanted chickens (and their eggs) forever, and this Christmas, Poppy finally surrendered and surprised her with a bale of wood shavings. So, seeing as spring is just around the corner, this past weekend the three of us drove just up the road (Not just ANY road. It’s dirt. Which earns Country Romance Points.) to the Chicken Lady’s house.

The chickens were absolutely lovely, and soft, and unbelievably docile. MP was charmed.

So was I … until she slipped in chicken poo, got up, and revealed a giant green skid mark up her leg. It took all the strength I had to let it go, when all I wanted to do was strip off her clothes and hose her down. It’ll be interesting to see how the OCD/Chicken Poo Combo shakes out. (I may need Foolery‘s help with this one.)

I foresee shoes. Lots of shoes.

Left on the front porch.


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Grab yer raingear. Mommypie’s purging.

I feel like I need to purge. Just a little.

If you’ve read Mommy Pie for awhile, you noticed the dwindling posts over the past year. SERIOUSLY dwindling. There were many reasons behind my absence — so many, in fact, that when they came together, they created a Perfect Storm of sorts. Not really a hurricane. And nothing as energizing as lightning. More like months of BLUH. With occasional pea-sized hail shots to the head.

I can attribute it to a few key things.

I started a relationship. Which, for Mommypie’s creative outlets ALWAYS spells disaster. My Creativity? A jealous mistress. She wants all my time. And when I don’t give it to her — when I become focused on anything OTHER than her — I get the silent treatment. She never calls. She never writes. And I sure as hell never get laid.

The relationship got complicated. After a VERY public proposal, things were fantastic. Then, they were difficult. Then weird. And now, unsettled and unsure. So … I don’t really feel like I can write about it just yet. Which is hard, because I WANT to. Kind of.

I started a business. Swap Mamas has become my all-consuming passion. After a year, we’re closing in on 6,600 members and over 1 million page views a month. But more importantly, we’re helping a ton of mamas. Which is highly addicting to someone like me who secretly loves the warm squishy pink fuzzies. (Side note: Just bought a book about Google, who’s mission statement is “Don’t be evil.” I’m stealing it.)

I became incredibly disillusioned with the state of blogging. As Mommy Pie got more popular, companies started approaching me. Wanting me to pimp their products. (Do a giveaway? What, you’ll give me something FREE?) Honestly I felt a bit gross about it from the start, but my famously convenient, “What the hell? Why not?” Mechanism kicked in. Ugh. I should KNOW better by now.

There are TONS of mommy bloggers out there doing reviews in exchange for product. I absolutely mean no disrespect. As much as I’m a sucker for free stuff, Mommy Pie just isn’t the right place. This blog is for ME. This blog is for my DAUGHTER. No one else. And I won’t be doing the review/giveaway thing in this space (I WILL continue to do giveaways on Swap Mamas. ‘Cause that’s different.) ever again. It dilutes the joy blogging brings me, and generally makes me sad to think about how, in such a short period of time, our culture of consumerism has penetrated a space I so love.

{Penetrated a space. Heh heh.}

Oooooh look out Doogs. The 11-year-old boy is BACK.

There you have it. I think my absence has successfully reduced my readership enough to make the pimpage offers dwindle as well. As for Swap Mamas? I’m slowly realizing the importance of balance. All work and no play does, indeed, make Mommypie a very dull girl.

So yesh … I think I’m back.


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These days, life’s a trip.

Last week, in a stroke of pure luck and amazing generosity on the part of Ning (the platform Swap Mamas is on), I was sent to the mega-conference, South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. If you haven’t heard of it (and I hadn’t until last month), it’s HUGE. Its focus is on the Interactive, Music and Film communities — I went for the Interactive part and what a FANTASTIC time.

[Yeah, I have no idea how that happened.]

I made some great contacts, met some people from the Blogosphere I’ve always wanted to meet, and came home with a crap ton of awesome swag. The t-shirts alone nearly put my bag over the 50 lbs limit on the return flight home. (Seriously.)

I heart this one.

I snagged this, literally HOURS after telling my travel companion, Wendy from (check it out — it’s destined to be a super great resource for parents), I was going to make an I Heart Geeks shirt, because I’d never seen one, and well, I heart Geeks. Ahhh, serendipity.

This one, I’m not sure about.

Don’t know what the company does, but … apparently they won’t screw you. Which is either good or bad, depending.

And my fave.

Cheeky Monkey.

Oh yeah, another new thing I came home with?

Actually, I realize you can’t see it very well in this pic, but that little DOT on my nose? A nose ring. Truth is, I’ve wanted to pierce my nose for at least 20 years. And when Wendy dragged me to Dandyland, one of Austin’s finest tattoo shops, I threw caution to the wind and just did it. She came home with her third tattoo. I came home with a little bling and a whole lot of pain. (Yeah, they don’t pierce with a gun like in the olden days — it’s aaalll freehand, with a giant needle, Baybee. And hurts like a muther.)

So the jury’s still out … I’m told if I decide I don’t like it, I can take it out within the first few weeks and it won’t leave a mark. I really DO like it, but honestly, I don’t know if I can handle the maintenance, and the whole nose blowing hassle. But I DID it. After 20 years, I DID it!

I asked my piercer if I was being ridiculous, doing this at my age. He told me that just the night before he’d pierced the bellybutton of a 78-year-old woman, so no. I kinda love that.

So I came home with a lot, but sadly, missed a big event …

MP lost her second front tooth! (Did I mention she turned SIX a few weeks ago?!?) When she smiles her newly acquired gaping grin, my heart swells with love. All at once, she looks so grown up. And she has this happy little demon/goofy hillbilly thing going on.

I kinda love that too.


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