Escapism, my middle name.

Admittedly, I’m a complete sucker for chick flicks. Six years of film school and they never did manage to beat the romantic comedy outta me.

And back when college was still a recent memory, the question I dreaded more than anything was, “What’s your favorite movie?” I always felt like I should have been answering Citizen Kane or something pretentious and iconic. At least something a bit more lofty than, um … Valley Girl.

Which really IS my favorite.

Well, it’s probably changed since then, but you get the picture.

Considering the amount of time I spend alone lately, holed up in my PJs at night, watching Boy get Girl, Boy lose Girl, Boy get Girl back, yadda yadda, I suppose I SHOULD know what the new fave is. However, as with most things in my life, I’m very … forgiving. How do you pick just one? (You do NOT want to see me in Baskin-Robbins.) I love ’em all.

Except tonight’s rental, Leap Year. What a STINKER. Seriously. Every freakin’ character annoyed me from the start. The girl was boring and whiny. The guy was hairy and dirty. Between the two there was about as much chemistry as you’d find in the DMV line. And? They get married at the end. Wha? Bad, boring, stupid, bluch. I love mindless fluff like nobody’s business, but I gotta at least buy into the story a TINY bit.

Jump cut — tonight Poppy asked if I was okay. He thinks I need to get out more. To actually be with adults. I tend to agree. He even said they’d watch MP.

Perfect. Sex and the City 2 comes out May 27.



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16 responses to “Escapism, my middle name.

  1. DawnA

    My hubs won’t watch “the chick flicks” with me. But, he did locate a lovely program for $20 that converts DVD’s to files you can download and watch on your Ipod. Yah. 1 hour each way to work on bus = about 1 movie per day. Also watching a movie makes the treadmill time go by faster.

  2. Rick's Cafe

    So this is what’s been educating women about men? HA – If I had only known sooner.
    All I need to do stop trying to impress with witty banter/conversation and just stare. Then keep staring until she kisses me.
    (forehead slap) So simple!

  3. Nicholas Cage is the ultimate Mouth Breather. Very cute, but a Mouth Breather.

    Tell Poppy you’re taking a road trip to Northern California with MP and you don’t know when you’ll be back. Could he please feed the chickens?

    • Bwah! You’re so right. He’s a total Mouth Breather.

      One of these days, one of us HAS to take a road trip. Chickens here, chickens there, either way …

  4. finn

    i feel that way about Made of Honor. seriously bad. totally wish i could go to Sex in the City with you.

  5. Like, oh my god, I totally have to rent “Valley Girl” tonight. Loved that movie. Loved the music. Has it really been that long since it was a new release?

  6. Oh no, Leap Year sucked? You mean the new one w/ Amy Adams? That’s too bad. I like her a lot. I like RomComs too… eff those effers in Film School. What they heck do THEY know anyway? If chick flicks were sooooo lame, why do women flock to them in droves? Yeah. Exactly.

    Btw, The Plimsouls ruled. And Valley Girl was my life. Though I was from the LBC and spent all my time up in Hollywood/LA, or down in OC in those days checking out punk shows and chasing punk boys. Ahhhh, the late 70’s and early 80’s. Gotta love it.

    • I know, I was really bummed — thought it would be cute.

      And totally with you on the late 70s and early 80s — I was working in a RECORD (yes record) shop and totally into the music — Plimsouls DID rule.


  7. There is nothing better than chick flicks. Except, maybe, chick flicks from the 80s. 🙂

    P.S. Congrats on your Parents Picks pre-nomination! Go, you!!

    • Wha?!? Holy cats, I got an email a few days ago saying I’d been nominated, but I didn’t even open it, thinking it was spam.

      As in, “You may have won a million dollars!”

      Woo hoo! Thanks Scary Mommy — made my day!

  8. Ugh! Leap Year. That played on the plane on my way to Vegas last week. Even being trapped on a plane could get me to finish watching that movie. AWFUL!!! And I never give up midway in movies (or books). Also, love a good rom-com. Even the bad ones.

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