One voice, many lives

So, wow.

I had a post all thought out and ready to put to [er, keyboard? Laptop? What do we say now that we, as bloggers, virtually never put PEN to actual PAPER?] but came across a poignant chronicle that’s set me upon a reflective path tonight. And, in light of the news that’s traveled to certain corners of the blogosphere, anything silly just seems … silly.

Once upon a time there was a blogger named Punk Rock Mommy, who chronicled her battle with cancer — publicly, and with heartbreaking dignity. I did not “know” her. I hadn’t heard of her blog until today. But tonight I spent a good amount of time reading her words.

And they affected me.

Offered clarity.

Gave me a great big shot of Perspective.

But I’ll let you read them for yourself.

Although I still know very little about her, I do know there’s no question the world has lost a wonderful voice.


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21 responses to “One voice, many lives

  1. Thanks, mommypie. Perspective like this, and the discovery of such a loving heart is always welcome.

  2. I spent HOURS reading every entry last night. Here’s this woman, living MINUTES away from me, and I had no idea she existed until she passed away. Life is so strange, no? But I’m so glad I found it. I happened upon CNN who was doing a story on IBC with Toddler planet, who linked to Punk Rock Mommy and the rest is history. Leave it to the internet. It’s like, six degrees of separation.
    Thanks for sharing this. Wow, what a story.

  3. Sadly, I didn’t know Punk Rock Mommy until now. Wonderful that her words live on in each of us.

  4. I didn’t know her either, but thanks for sharing her inspiration.

  5. she passed? wow that is beyond heartbreak. crap. i dont think i can bring myself to read her. thanks for sharing tho!

  6. Thanks for sharing that with us. It sure does put things into perspective for me. I need that.

    We lost a friend to breast cancer Sunday. I look forward to reading Punk Rock Mommy’s other posts. It may help me to better understand what our friend was going through.

  7. I’m going to try to read it. I clicked on the link, saw her with the baby and read the first few sentences…………ack. I’m just gonna have to wait a little while to read it. I’m still reeling from a friend’s death last month.

  8. I don’t have any words. I’m glad you shared this.


  9. Another reason why blogs are so important. A life has been chronicled and forever remembered. This mom has left her imprint in time, and her family, friends and the rest of the world can always return and share the memories of Punk Rock Mommy. I think its amazing and unspeakably valuable.

  10. “…amazing and unspeakably valuable.”

    Amen pisceshanna.

  11. I found Punk Rock Mommy through a friend of mine, who like me, has been one round with breast cancer (and we both hope there is no round two for us and know how incredibly lucky we are. Grateful doesn’t even begin to convey how we feel about it, especially after Andrea’s tragic loss), and late last month started reading her poignant and heart wrenching words.

    By the point I had found her site, it was already nearing the end, which made going out each day harder and harder, because I was afraid there would be a post from Kelly saying that Andrea had finally found some peace and was no longer in pain.

    Andrea was very real about what was going on. I read so many stories from women who are battling/have battled this horrible disease, and until I’d found Andrea, hadn’t read one account with such poignancy and generousity of soul, especially when she was in such horrendous pain. It left me in tears almost daily.

    It’s heartbreaking that such a vibrant voice has been silenced. I hope her children know how very much the center of her universe they were, even up until her very last breath.

  12. I got caught up in this at work and couldn’t stop reading. I hadn’t heard about it yet, but it was remarkably powerful. What amazing strength to be able to focus on her children and show them that dying with dignity is as important as living with it.

  13. I caught this from reading another blogger. I couldn’t concentrate all day after that. I read the obits and cried. It really hit home…and hard.

  14. Cannot stop crying. What an incredible woman/wife/mother/friend. Thank you so much for telling us about her. I had no idea…

  15. I’m mesmerized. Thank you for posting this. I have a friend who has just been diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian and it’s been really hard to focus on other things right now. In an unexpected way, finding this blog helps.

  16. Thank you. Wiping away the tears.

    I lost a woman in my life — whom I’d known since birth and called “my second mom” — to breast cancer a few years ago. It’s really hard for me to read this right now.

    I’ve forwarded to my author-friend Gail Konop Baker:

  17. Thanks for linking to this. Your readership is waaayyyy greater than mine so you’ll contribute to spreading the word. I linked to Punk Rock Mommy’s last words too. Amazing. Oh, the dignity and grace she had.

  18. I read it at work the other day and cried. I can’t go back and read more, at least not yet. Very sad, very brave, very dignified. Crushing and liberating at the same time.

  19. bikerchick

    Wow, thanks for that most powerful link. What a remarkable woman. She can sure shatter anyone’s sterotypes about people with body art. I loved her entry about getting her chest tattooed after her mastectomy.

  20. Justme

    Yeah, you ain’t kidding, WOW is about all there is to say…My friend directed me to Punk Rock Mommy’s blog on July 7th, 2 days after she passed…That was a heavy day of reading.

    She was obviously an amazing woman who undoubtedly will be greatly missed, but those who knew her, and those who ‘knew’ her on-line. Definitely lots of love and positive energy heading her family’s way from me.

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