We interrupt this blog to annoy you.

So, it’s lunchtime and I’m in the car, heading to Taco Time. (I knooow …) I’m hitting the SCAN button on the radio, channel surfing for anything other than country. It’s slim pickens.

“And now, Slim Pickens and his Booger Nine, playing to the tune, ‘I just caint seem to get the one I want …'”

~ Bobo-ism (from waaay back)

At one point my hand leaves the toggle to reclaim the steering wheel and make a turn. I’ve lost interest in my tune quest. After a few minutes, the sound of JACKHAMMERS captures my attention. And then sawing, nail pounding and drilling. INSIDE the car.

Holy disorientation, distraction and near rear-endage.

“We’re hard at work building a new radio station,” explains a quick voice-over. “and we’ll be up and running soon …”

Oooh, I get it. BUILDING a new radio station. Apparently, in the meantime, I’m to listen to the melodic stylings of Builder Bob. 24/7. I’m all for innovative marketing. It was clever for about 60 seconds.

Someone, somewhere in town, is actually LISTENING to this, I think. And not changing the station. Incredible. I wonder if there’s such thing as Sitemeter for radio stations. If, somehow they KNOW when people are listening. And for how long.

Radio Exec #1 Arm Pump: “YES! The Construction theme’s a HIT! Check out this guy on S. 19th Avenue — he’s been listening for 53 minutes!

Radio Exec #2: “What about this Mommypie chick? She’s been on for 23!”

Well, CHAH.


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17 responses to “We interrupt this blog to annoy you.

  1. Please post a pic of your new Katie Holmes bangs.

    Thank you.

    And sincerely,
    San Diego Momma

  2. You got the KH bangs? Not uhhh?!

  3. littlemansmom


  4. QB

    Wait what?
    We live in the most BIZARRE town.

  5. Crap can’t get it to play.

    I second the pic of the KH Bangs!

  6. I miss Taco Time. They have mexi-fries. What I wouldn’t give for a big bowl of those. A BIG bowl.

  7. SDM, The Mom and KD —

    I’ll TRY to get a pic today, but I warn you … this one’s SERIOUSLY still riding the fence …

    And so far it appears NONE of you have made it to the end of the video. Hmmm …

  8. Ha Ha! That ridiculous! And a little scary.

    I’d LOVE to see your KH bangs, too!

  9. They do have a kind of Sitemeter for radio — it’s called Arbitron ratings. I’d be interested to see what that station’s Arbitron stats are for the month they are down. : )

  10. I shoulda known you would know, with all your media experience, Foolery. Is there any way the public can get the stats? Cause, seriously, I’d love to know. I’m nosy like that.

    And It All Started With a Kiss — You watched the WHOLE THING!!!

  11. Most commercial radio stations are subscribers to Arbitron, I think (or maybe a similar ratings system). It never hurts to call and ask a rep from a competing radio station. They may not be able to tell you anything, but I’ll bet they go take a look at the stats themselves, just because. : )

  12. Katie Holmes’ bangs? fine
    Katie Holmes’ cankles? not so fine

  13. I’m surprised your local Arbirtron scanner didn’t have a heart attack where he sat! Cheeses of Nazareth, that was like listening to nails on a chalkboard…DEAD AIR would have been better than that. Even that screeching EBS alert! But then, I happen to be partial to dead air, seeing as how it was such an integral part of my first formative years as a commercial air talent in Seattle.

    This begs the question, who was the brain-trust behind the bumper (what something like that is called) and have they been fired?

  14. didn’t watch the video, maybe tomorrow.

    but I second the picture of the KH bangs. I bet you look hot mama.

  15. Aw, tanks. I’m just hoping it doesn’t look too Doris Day. Ish. I’ll work on a hair pic …

  16. LMAO! and yes, i watched the whole thing… actually, i left the video running and scrolled down the page and then scrolled back up to see why the hammering and sawing stopped…

    so yeah, i’m easily entertained. and a big, fat NO to lolcats. pretty please with sugar on top? thx.

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