A few weeks in Bipolar Bloggywood

I’m still dumbfounded by THIS.

I came across the article, saw Mommy Pie on the list and my first thought was, “DAMMIT. I don’t believe it. Some other blogger has the SAME NAME as me.”

I’m honored and blown away to be included with this group of bloggers. (I’m still convinced someone was hittin’ the crack pipe …)

HEY YOU! IMPORTANT BLOG LIST MAKERS! Just so we’re clear, Mommypie has no problem being your crack ‘ho, mkay? Seriously. Nooo problem. Mommypie can do the Enabler thing.

To ensure my ego stayed in check, the Internet warned me not to get TOO full of myself.

My blog is worth $0.00.
How much is your blog worth?

Because apparently, I suck.

Then, miracle of miracles, I was invited to be a guest blogger on Sweetney. THE Sweetney. I was delirious with excitement. I worked on my post for DAYS. I was gonna knock it outta the park. And then, as is the nature of the Internet, things changed. Guest Post Week at Sweetney was overbooked. No room at the inn for Mommy Pie. I’m embarrassed to admit I actually cried a little.

Easy come, easy go. Bloggywood, she’s a fickle bitch.

And then, as fate would have it, McMommy came to my emotional rescue and awarded me THIS.

The highly coveted BE FRIE Award. And I was blown away. If you haven’t been to her place, you must stop in and say hi — she’s a funny, funny lady. And bonus — she has a McGoiter. Sweet.

I wish we were neighbors outside of Blogland so I could hang out in her inflatable pool with the flaccid tree.

And now, as is customary with these things, I’m passing this fabulous blog bling on to some equally fabulous bloggers.

San Diego Momma, Ms. Single Mama, Foolery (coiner of the term Bloggywood), Pajama Momma, MommyTime at Mommy’s Martini and Auds at Barking Mad I hereby name each of YOU a BFF, or Bloggy Friend Forever. I’ll keep the St Nds half … because according to McMommy, the Be Frie is the better half, and you’re definitely deserving.

And as for YOU dear Reader, you inspire me. You pick me up. Aside from hangin’ with the MP, reading your comments is the best part of my day.

You rock.

I love ma Doogs.


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25 responses to “A few weeks in Bipolar Bloggywood

  1. Congrats on all the love, you are most deserving Miss Pie!

  2. Congratulations! Do not sell yourself short, you deserve it!

  3. Hey Mommypie! Congrats! You did get the pie of Fame! 😀 You deserve it!

  4. A2B

    I love Pie! You go girl

  5. Congrats on the Sampa thing and all of the others! Whoot!

    And that whole blog worth thing is totally whacked out crazy. I tested mine. TOTALLY whacked out crazy.

  6. Wow! Am so glad I started reading you – seems just in time (you know before the “real fame” hits! Ha ha ha – Congrats!

  7. Congrats Ms. P! Keep it coming 🙂

  8. littlemansmom

    So Wonderful!!!!!! Congrats to you Mommypie! You deserve it! 😉

  9. Your blog is worth $0.00? Whatever. I’d say it’s up in the millions.

    Thanks for the BFF badge. And I’m, as always, your biggest fan. : )

    You should enter my flat iron contest!! I really, really want you to. I know you would put a comedic spin on it. Anywhoooo – here’s the link. Deadline is Friday!!


  10. Hey, thanks for the bling. You deserve it, I on the other hand…..uh, um, ah what the heck.

    *takes necklace
    *bites it
    Is this thing gonna make my neck green?

  11. How Awesome! Way to go!

    “Bloggywood” – I love it!

  12. KD

    That is awesome! Congrats bloggy gals!

  13. I think Sweetney’s gonna come back around for you.
    No doubt.

    You are one of the best!

    Congrats on being a Top 10’er. Like I always say, you are in deep deserving of all the kudos you get (I make up phrases. But you knew that. 🙂 ).

    Thx too for all the shout-outs. You are true blue.


  14. Somehow, the following ended up on your 6/13 post. The internets are very confusing to me.

    That technorati crap is crazy – you’d fetch a good, fair price at any auction I can think of!

    So that makes them very poor calculators of the economics, supply and demand, hedge funds, bull and bear markets and a dozen other financial terms I know nothing about.

    Who do they think they are EF Hutton?

    PS: Who is EF Hutton anyways?

  15. Congratulations on the recognition you deserve! You go girl!!

  16. I saw that Sampa — is that the right name? — article, too, and I wasn’t ONE BIT SURPRISED. You are such a fresh voice in the wilderness and make me laugh daily.

    Thanks for the shout and I will treasure the award. I don’t think I can post it in my sidebar; I’ve had no luck with that at Typepad. Or I’m just a nidiot.

    Thanks Miss Pie, for the Pie In The Face! And that’s not half as dirty as I made it sound!

    — Laurie @ Foolery

  17. The flaccid palm tree! Now THAT is a perfect description of that damn pool!!

    I just checked my calendar….and I have ohhh….ALL WEEK available next week for a guest blogger. It would make my year if you want to pick a day to guest blog!!

  18. Congrats on the Sampa head nod! That’s awesome….actually that’s more than awesome and when I can think of a better word I’ll come back and say it! Seriously, you SOOOO deserve it. You are one of my favs and I come back and read you last everyday….it’s kind of like delayed gratification because I know, I just KNOW it’s gonna be good!

    Gracias squared for the shout out and the BFF bling! I was just looking for something to go with a blueish silvery skirt I have and that will match perfectly!

    Sadly much like Foolery, I’m either a blithering idiot (ok I took a few liberties there) or TypePad is just a huge gonad because I don’t think I can post it in my sidebar. I’m gonna pray to the TypeList Gods, who knows, it might help. Or maybe someone who is technically brilliant will take pity on me and TELL me how to do it! It COULD happen.

    Thanks again! You made my day!

  19. I’m with everyone above–not at all surprised. though, ha, ha, ha, ha, you thought someone stole your name. Congrats!

  20. Thanks Doogs! Can’t say it enough — you ALL rock my world.

  21. Also? I did the math, and I know you’re lying about how much your blog is worth. Feel free to delete this if you’d like us to think you’re less than a rock star. : )

  22. I can always count on you for a smile… actually, a daily crack-up. Congrats!! We adore you.

  23. Foolery — if it were my call, I’d say it’s worth at least the loose change in my sofa, but those damn Technorati people tell me otherwise …

    SMS — You’re the sweetest — thanks so much!

  24. MommyTime

    First of all — congratulations on the Sampa shout-out, which could not have come to a more deserving Doog (is that the correct singular? or is Doogs like sheep, the same word for both?)

    And many many thanks for the Be Frie, which is a necklace I always coveted in middle school and never ever got. I will wear it with pride. (And sorry for the lag time in responding; I could suggest that Greenland and Michigan are on time zones two days apart, and maybe you’d believe it because you are so tired from packing, but the truth is I had a house full of company for the last week and simply didn’t have time to read even my favorite blogs. But you’ll be honored to know, I’m sure, that I am catching up on MommyPie ahead of 153 other posts still sitting in my reader.) I love ya’ Doog(s)! Have a great trip to Denver.

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