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We interrupt this blog to annoy you.

So, it’s lunchtime and I’m in the car, heading to Taco Time. (I knooow …) I’m hitting the SCAN button on the radio, channel surfing for anything other than country. It’s slim pickens.

“And now, Slim Pickens and his Booger Nine, playing to the tune, ‘I just caint seem to get the one I want …'”

~ Bobo-ism (from waaay back)

At one point my hand leaves the toggle to reclaim the steering wheel and make a turn. I’ve lost interest in my tune quest. After a few minutes, the sound of JACKHAMMERS captures my attention. And then sawing, nail pounding and drilling. INSIDE the car.

Holy disorientation, distraction and near rear-endage.

“We’re hard at work building a new radio station,” explains a quick voice-over. “and we’ll be up and running soon …”

Oooh, I get it. BUILDING a new radio station. Apparently, in the meantime, I’m to listen to the melodic stylings of Builder Bob. 24/7. I’m all for innovative marketing. It was clever for about 60 seconds.

Someone, somewhere in town, is actually LISTENING to this, I think. And not changing the station. Incredible. I wonder if there’s such thing as Sitemeter for radio stations. If, somehow they KNOW when people are listening. And for how long.

Radio Exec #1 Arm Pump: “YES! The Construction theme’s a HIT! Check out this guy on S. 19th Avenue — he’s been listening for 53 minutes!

Radio Exec #2: “What about this Mommypie chick? She’s been on for 23!”

Well, CHAH.


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DJ Santa and the Funky Bunch

I mentioned a few posts ago I had a radio interview yesterday morning — my first ever. I wasn’t too worried about it considering the size of the town I live in (smallish to medium). I was fully expecting something akin to the Alec Baldwin SNL Schweddy Balls sketch.

Haven’t seen it? Oh, it’s a must. Take a minute. I’ll wait.


So, where was I? Oh yeah … driving like a bat outta hell, MP and I made it to school with literally no time to spare. We’d gone over the familiar, “no diddle dawdling with good-byes because Mommy is really REALLY late” protocol in the car, so she was prepared for my abrupt departure. (If you haven’t gotten it by now, “Late” is a lifestyle at the Pie House.) The drop off was made in record time and I arrived at the studio by 7:30 a.m., adrenaline the only thing keeping me awake.

Because I stay up all night and BLOG. It’s unnatural.

Anyhoo, you know how you generate an image of someone in your mind before actually meeting them? I’m NEVER close. I knew my host’s name was George and that he was a larger man, so naturally, it stuck in my head that I’d be chatting with George Foreman.

After standing outside for an eternity, waiting for George to cut to commercial, I was finally buzzed in. The person on the other side of the door was in fact, NOT a large Black boxer; NOT the inventor of the AMAZING grill that bears his name; but Surly Hippie Santa Clause DJ instead.

After just a few minutes of off-air chit-chat, the headphones go on and Hippie Santa DJ introduces me to the world. I’m there to talk about a pretty big Women’s Conference my company is sponsoring next week, so naturally, I want to tout the benefits of registering, right?

I do manage to get in some key points, but I’ve been warned George likes to get tangental. (In case you’re new, I enjoy making up words.) He doesn’t disappoint.

Somehow we wind up talking about men who wear ladies shoes.

“I think they’re called … pumps? Is that right?”

“Mmm hmm. Very painful. Not good for an ALL-DAY CONFERENCE, like the one on May 21.

“I don’t even know where someone would GET a size 12 pump …”

“Well George, I’m sure there are lots of sites on the web that cater to men interested in wearing pumps.”

I can see he’s kind of liking this pump wearing idea. At this point I’m thinking,

a. Get this guy on point.

b. Don’t forget to mention sponsors.

c. How many greasy heads have these earphones I’m wearing actually BEEN on?? Eww eww eww!”

Don Imus dropped by, made himself at home, and started popping off about women’s basketball. I think he was confused about the topic, Women in Business.

Then Howard Stern showed up and added to the confusion.

He was totally inappropriate.

And we were WAAAY off topic.


Pre-Photoshopped Howard Stern photo credit AP Photo.


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