Hittin’ the road with MP and Bobo

It’s early Friday morning, and MP, Bobo and I are hittin’ the road to Denver in eight hours, to meet the newest edition to the family — my brother’s second baby and second son, Greyson. MP INSISTS she’s a big SISTER, NOT a big COUSIN. Whatever works.

We’ll be away for a few days, which means I may or may not be taking a tiny break from Blogland — just depends. Lots of old friends to catch up with in D-Town in a short period of time.

Criminey, I haven’t even BEGUN to pack yet. I’m so tired right now I’m actually seriously contemplating just going to bed, getting up at 5 a.m. and packing then. A dangerous choice, given Bobo’s strict road trip rules: GET ON THE ROAD, STAY ON THE ROAD, AND DON’T BE LATE. It’ll be an interesting trip. Either we’ll arrive tomorrow night in Denver wanting to strangle each other or the long drive will prove a fantastic bonding experience.

I’ll be on Twitter all day, or as long as I have a signal. AND I’ll try and Tweet pics from the Crackberry, using TwitPic.

Mkay, gotta move mounds of wet clothes to the dryer and start another load before collapsing.

Watch for me on Twitter, Doogs!


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16 responses to “Hittin’ the road with MP and Bobo

  1. A new baby! How fun! Especially when you don’t have to be the one to get up and feed him.

  2. littlemansmom

    Congrats on becoming an Auntie again!

    Enjoy your visit!!!! We’ll miss you! 😉

  3. Aww, what a cutie MP is! I remember when I was taking care of my sister in law (then 5) when the first grandchild was born. She said the same thing – that she was his big sister. So cute.

    I hope you all have a safe and wonderful trip.

  4. MommyTime

    Have a great trip. I left you a comment on your awards post, with apologies for being so late to the party. I hope the weekend is fun and the driving is better than just bearable. Enjoy the new cousin/sibling.

  5. As long as they’re sleeping they can’t hurt you. Feed them lots of turkey and warm milk.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  6. YAY! Have a good trip.

    I always feel bad when new babies smack themselves in the face and gouge their eyes out, but other than that, they make me happy.

  7. enjoy your trip. Are you getting your camera?

  8. How exciting! Have a safe trip, and be sure to post photos. I am living vicariously through vacationers right now. I’ve never been out west!!

  9. Ooooh. Denver! Have fun!

  10. Late to the party as always!

    Now that I know you’ve arrived safely (thanks for all the tweety updates!), I hope you have a great time. Oh and inhale deeply, that newbaby smell…I so miss it. Well not enough to do it AGAIN!

    Have fun!

  11. Well, we’re here, safe and sound in D-Town — thanks everyone for the well wishes!

    Jessica — I’m definitely going to go look at cameras … which more than likely means BUY in code. I’m leaning toward your suggestion – thanks again!

  12. Here from Blog Nosh…I am a pre-dawn, day of packer with no shame about it. Hope you have a fantastic time.

  13. Come back and share lessons of a road trip with a preschooler. I have one who could care less about videos and would potentially make me get out of the car and hitchhike or strap him to the roof. One thing is certain, on an 8-hour trip, only one of us would be in the car at a time.

  14. have a great trip! hopefully you have packed before going to bed!

  15. Have a blast! I need to get Twitter on my Blackberry. Maybe I’d do it more then.
    Have fun with Greyson!

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