Doogs Weekend #11: First Celebricrush

I vividly remember my first crushes. They were tall, dark, handsome and larger than life. I was in the single digits. They were at least four times my age.


Gene Kelly. Handsome, witty, snappy dresser AND a dance MANIAC. Singing? IN the rain?!? Helluu six-year-old dream man.

Dick van Dyke. Cute, goofy, and again with the dancing. What six-year-old WOULDN’T be smitten?

Clint Eastwood. Sexy, cool, and all-around Badass. ‘Nuff said.

To this day, I still love them all.

Your turn. Spill — who was YOUR first celebricrush?


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38 responses to “Doogs Weekend #11: First Celebricrush

  1. tom selleck. my mom loved him and i used to watch Magnum P.I. and then i started in with the teen heart-throbs, i.e., corey haim and whoever else was popular in the early/mid 80s.

    borrrring, i know. and honestly? my memories are certainly not as vivid as yours, nor is my reasoning behind the crushes. 😉

  2. Ralph Macchio – Karate Kid – By far my biggest celebucrush ever. I even wrote him a letter and got an autographed postcard back. I was the coolest kid on the block.

    Leaf Phoenix (who later revealed his real name was Joaquin – Space Camp, Kirk Cameron – Growing Pains, and a plethora of others followed. I was a bit boy crazy and my parents bought me BOP and BIG BOPPER magazine as rewards for good behavior. It was their fault.

  3. I STILL have a crush on Gene Kelly! My first celeb crush was Elijah Wood in North (I’m a bit younger, only 22) and the biggest crush I ever had was Leonardo DiCaprio. I saw Titanic 8 times in the theater (I know….crazy) and had my walls plastered with posters. He’s still a sexy man and a much better actor nowadays.

  4. Rick Springfield. Does he count? I loved him when he was Noah Drake on General Hospital. Also, I saw him in concert. I was celebrity multitasking.

    Gene Kelly is a good one. I can never get enough of Singing in the Rain.

  5. Ricky Schroeder, babe. The Ricker. I loved him so. Later it was John Taylor from Duran Duran and then Kirk Cameron. Currently it’s Rob Pattinson. But I never really got over my Ricky.

  6. Girl…How old are you?? LOL j/k

    My first one would be Sean Cassidy. Ugh..looking back now..I could have found better! LOL

  7. First tv crush – Anson Williams, AKA Potsie on Happy Days.
    First musical star crush – Rick Springfield (still have an ongoing crush on him – this one’s lasted longer than any other relationship I’ve had..LOL)

  8. Finn

    Shaun Cassidy — Da Do Run Run. My sister and I shared the 45 of that song. Plus he was on the Hardy Boys.

    Rick Springfield. I saw him sing “Jessie’s Girl” on Solid Gold and thought I was going to die!

    Willie Aames from Eight is Enough. Wasn’t he on Celebrity Rehab recently?

    Too many more to count…….. : )

  9. Potsie?! Sorry, Adrienne.

    I think I was 7 and my friend’s family took me to Atlantic City for the weekend. I bought a pink plastic wallet and it came with a picture of Robert Wagner, who instantly became my first celeb crush. Chad Everett who played Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center and of course David Cassidy, who sadly is not much older than I.

  10. i loved me some donnie from new kids on the block in second grade. on the reunion tour? not as hott as i remembered:)

  11. I can NOT believe I am admitting this. But here it is, in all it’s awkwardness.

    Bob Hope.

    Don’t hurt yourselves laughing too hard.


    NO, wait! Not enough! Clint Eastwood makes you a-okay in my book. ;P

    Wait a minute!! Do you guys have pull-ups on your head?!? ->

    All this time I thought they were some hospital surgery garb… I felt so bad for the poor sick MP’s. I’m such a sucker.

  13. Shaun Cassidy. I used to pretend smooch with the poster of him that came with the album.

    After that, it was Rob Lowe, and that one lasted a decade, at least.

  14. Oh my god- while I had a giant crush on Parker Stevenson (I was too snotty to like Shaun Cassidy b/c everyone else did) my REAL first crush was on Cary Grant. He was about 50 years older than I was at the time, but somehow at about 7 or 8 I’d guess, I saw North by Northwest on Tv and just fell in love.
    Second only to Cary Grant? Paul Newman- Butch Cassidy. I have to admit that even though they’re both dead now (not Shaun Cassidy) I never got over those crushes 🙂

  15. Gene Kelly. I’m not lying. Xanadu. I was, like, eight. He was the most sophisticated thing in the universe. Him and David Bowie.

    I think I’m a gay man trapped in a girl’s body.

  16. underthebigbluesky

    Scott Baio-Chachi on Happy Days. I even bought his crappy record.

    Gene Kelly just has that certain something doesn’t he. Love him in Brigadoon too!

  17. I had the hots for both of the cops on Adam 12. Yikes.

  18. Olivia Newton John. It was a girl crush, but just as powerful.

    Also, I had a jones for little Peter Billingley… before “A Christmas Story,” in his “Real People” days.

  19. I am with Elisabeth. Karate Kid all the way. And Kirk Cameron and Jason Bateman.

    But I still think Jason Bateman is cute.

  20. To LuckyMe:
    I can’t help my crush on Potsie, he was goofy, sweet and almost cute, plus he hard dark hair which was very different from the blonde universe that surrounded me in Utah in the early 70’s…, I was 5…….does that even come close to justifying it? bwahhhhhhhh

  21. Jan Michael Vincent. He’s cute and his was the first dingle dangle that I saw. My friends and I got into an R film with some older kids. Shocking 🙂

  22. I’m lovin’ these comments — you guys are funny, funny people. As for MY crushes, old musicals were obviously a big thing at my house. Really, I’m not THAT old. I just have a thing for older men. And I’m with Steph — Inner Gay Man and all that.

    As for Rick Springfield? I had a pretty big crush on him too when I was about 11 or 12. I actually went to one of his concerts back in the late 90s — it was HILARIOUS. A crowd full of middle-aged women screaming and singing every word to every song.

  23. nik

    I totally fell in love with Steve Martin (I think it was Three Amigos that did it, although I was still in elementary school at the time, so my memory is a bit fuzzy.)

    And then, once I hit the powerful pre-teen angst-ridden years, it was Luke Perry. That one was powerful. After that, Jared Leto- Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life.

    These comments are hilarious… and part of me is so glad that no one had mentioned my crushes, because I would have gotten all territorial. Which is strange, because now my daughter and I totally co-crush on Zac Efron. Creeeeepy, I know. (I rationalize this in my head by saying he looks like a younger version of my hubby.)

  24. Nappy

    …older men? 🙂

  25. I also had one on Scott Baio (Chachi) then I saw that reality show he did not too long ago.

    What a jerk.

    It shattered my 25-year crush.

  26. Ok, this is going to date me in a really YOUNG way, but I had a MAJOR crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas…you know, did the voice for Simba on The Lion King, Home Improvement?? Yeah. Major crush. I was going to marry him in the 7th grade. I was convinced no one would care.
    And Devon Sawa. I’m not sure what he did but he was HAWT.

  27. another co-worker

    Corey Haim. Loved him. And Bing Crosby. I REALLY loved him.

    And seriously, every hair-metal band frontman ever. Brett Michaels. Yummy.

    Watching Rock of Love makes me cringe.

  28. (Also, special mention should be made of the little train that Ricky Schroeder’s dad rode around in his house on Silver Spoons. Even if I-don’t-care-if-you’re-an-adult-and-want-to-go-by-Rick-you’ll-always-be-Ricky-to-me hadn’t been cute as a button I would have done pretty much ANYTHING for a ride on that train.)

  29. The dark-haired paramedic on “Emergency.” I think his name was Randolph Mantooth, which always made me laugh when I said it out loud. We had a fan club in elementary school. We ordered a B&W glossy to pass around and keep hidden in our binders, to pull out and ogle during lunch and recess.

  30. Well, of course, Elvis! And Christopher Reeves as Super Man.

  31. Heather

    Harrison Ford…I was 4, he was Han Solo. I fell in love all over again at age 8 when he was Indiana Jones. I also had a little thing for Andy Gibb.

  32. I’m with Erin on my teen infatuation with Leo DiCaprio. I mean Romeo & Juliet and Titanic were released within 2 years of my 16th birthday, that’s like candy to a baby! I had no choice!

  33. U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. He was the hottest guy on earth to me for years and years. He’s not looking so hot anymore.

  34. jp

    Ok, I’m old………..

    When I was 10 Glen Campbell was THE hottest guy ever! And he could sing! Then I loved Chuck Connors on the Rifle Man and Little Joe on Bonanza. I guess I had a thing for cowboys!

    These days George Clooney makes me weak, I even have a picture of him on my bulletin board at wk………everyone thinks I’m nuts!

    thx for asking!

  35. thetick

    Valerie (damn you Eddy Van Halen) Bertinelli

  36. Shaun Cassidy, baby. Now I love Penn Badgeley, even though I am old enough to be his mother.

  37. The VERY first was David on Sesame Street. Then I graduated to Randolph Mantooth, and soon enough I was on to Patrick Wayne (I think?), Glen Campbell, and Michael Landon.

    There has been no money for therapy. Please send booze.

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