Here’s something different.

The laptop’s open. The page is blank. And the familiar late night drone of Poker After Dark fills the air. I watch the dog scoot across the carpet on her butt and try not to think too hard about it, completely resisting the urge to break out the steam cleaner. (At least tonight.) I’ll cut her some slack. She went to the groomer yesterday and came back with a Doggie Brazilian. Which, clearly itches.

All this blog fodder, and I got nothin’. To be honest, nothin’s been the case for a few weeks.

Mommypie is lost in thought.


MP did this drawing of me last spring. She said it was “Mommy Thinking.” It’s especially apropos now. Mommy DOES have a lot on her mind. Well, ONE thing, to be more specific.

A boy.

Who’da thunk.



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19 responses to “Here’s something different.

  1. Finn

    Been wondering since the Twitter about the 7 hour drunk phone sex, er phone call.

  2. Andi


    So happy that you’re happy.

  3. Well, knock me over with a feather.

    Tell us more. Pleeeeeaaassee!

  4. waltzinexile

    Who knew MommyPie was such a tease?! You can’t seriously think you’re getting away without details.

  5. I would have to say that was a pretty good post. I would have to also say that you need to just start telling us about this boy 🙂

  6. those boys are a REAL distraction aren’t they?!


  7. I actually let out a “Squee!!” When I read this. Who knew I was so emotionally invested in MommyPie’s love life? Certainly not me.

  8. thetick

    Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far?

  9. Nappy

    Uh well-a well-a well-a huh….
    Wonder if he put up a fight?

    It must be serious – there was a twitter posted about going to work out at a gym.

  10. P.S. I LOVE that MP gave you a belly button.

  11. another co-worker

    Sometimes you amaze eve me, my gushy “I don’t need a man” friend. Now if you could just get him in your time zone…

  12. thetick

    Yah, go get ’em!

  13. Enquiring minds want to know!!!!! Do tell……

    waiting with bated (or is it garlic) breath……

  14. Who, who, who, who, who, who, WHO?????

    If I do not receive an email in the next 10 seconds with some more information, I will self-destruct.

  15. Again with the Gene Kelley! You do know he’s dead, right?

  16. He looks like a Picasso. Cute, but squiggly.

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