You had me at ‘neener neener.’

My BFF of nearly 30 years has been living in Chile this past year, teaching English to businessmen and women, and now second graders.

Tea returned home this week, bringing her new Chilean boyfriend for a quick visit before she and I head to Hawaii and the Girls Gone Wild event next week. We’ll be joining four other high school girlfriends, sans husbands, boyfriends and children, for six days of tropical bliss.

We’ll be celebrating 2008, the year we all turn 40.

And Tea will be celebrating something perhaps even bigger. Her engagement. I don’t know anyone who deserves crazy insane happiness more than Tea — it’s been a long time coming, and I’m over the moon for my friend.

I am officially LAST to bite the dust.

I’m still not sure I ever want to get married, but someday if I change my mind, I now know how to get a man to propose.

Tea had known James just a few days when the two were teasing each other, exchanging taunts. She threw out the Chilean equivalent of “neener neener” or “nanie nanie boo boo.”

Which is “saca pica.”

She said “saca pico.”

Take out your penis.

And that, my friend, is how one little vowel forever altered the course of history.


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34 responses to “You had me at ‘neener neener.’

  1. ahahahaha….hey. whatever works. Congratulations to her!

  2. Congrats to Tea and what a great story to tell at the wedding!

  3. HA! That’s AWESOME!!!!
    Now, THAT’S the way to get a man!

  4. HRH

    Wow. That is a serious pick up line. too funny.

  5. that’s really the way to a man’s heart. ah. a girl after my own heart.

  6. What a story. I am sure he reminds her about it to this day.

  7. So THAT’S how to get a man?! I’ll pass this tidbit of gold information onto my single friends!

  8. I’ve had lots of friends who say that and it never works.

    Maybe it’s all in the intonation?

    (Congrats to Tea. It’s wonderful when our friends are happy.)

  9. haha that’s great. I wish I had a story like that.

  10. You need to remember that line should you ever decide to get a Mr. Pie. Congrats to your friend and enjoy your trip!

  11. I’m waiting to hear back from Mike Rowe. I’ll keep you posted …

  12. Ah, I can see it now. Hot cocoa, a nice fire going, little feet warming nearby as Grandma Tea and Grandpa James tell the tots how they met.

    Love it.

  13. We should have known it was that simple!!!

    Hawaii? Jealous.

  14. Now that’s a courtship story if I ever heard one. I too an turning 40 this year (in September) and can’t get it together to take a trip. For starters, there’s no one to watch the kids, and a vacation with 2 kids is not the kind of vacation I want to ring in 40. Hats off to you, MP!

  15. Yes!

    1968 – Summer of Love, Baybee!

  16. Now *that* is hysterical. Mebbe that’s why I’m single after all these years?

    At least I can laugh at myself. Travelling throughout Southeast Asia where tonal languages rule, I have purportedly muttered the following:

    “I am very pregnant.”
    “You mother seems like a dead fish.”
    “Your house is like a cave.”

    Or, the capstone to my foreign language gaffes:

    “I would like to run over your husband with a scooter in the market.”

  17. Omigosh, that’s hysterical. Tea’s mother visited them in Chile and kept telling anyone who’d listen she was SO hot. Only the way she said it meant “sexy, give it to me now” hot. Not actual temperature, which was the intention.

  18. “saca pico.”

    hahaha, I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m not PMS and am totally in the mood. Until then, stay the fuck away from me. Um, er, that wasn’t very nice was it? Anyone have chocolate?

  19. Congratulations to your friend!

  20. HAHA! That’s hilarious! So happy for Tea! And I’ll be hiding in your suitcase when you go to Hawaii. I’m not big and you will hardly know I’m there. 🙂

  21. I’m going to put that little phrase in my pocket to use perhaps on my upcoming trip to visit my Man (who maybe THE ONE) in the U.K. He isn’t spanish, but I think he might know a little. Perhaps the magic of the phrase will work regardless.
    Then again, do I want to get proposed to yet? No, not really. But maybe in the fuuuuture. Yeah…that might be cool.

  22. Oh, the British accent slays me. Can’t wait for a recap!

  23. “saca pico.”

    so really, that means, “neener weiner” if I’m translating that correctly.

  24. HAHAHAHA! I love it. I’m sure I’ve said many awful things in Japanese, but no one has been kind enough to tell me.

    You passed her our card, right? 😉

  25. Pingback: Anonymous

  26. neener weiner

    I have an imaginary “c” there, that’s why it’s I spelled it that way. You know that whole, ‘i’ before ‘e’ thing?

  27. Did he? Did he take it out? Lol.

    I’m always butchering Portuguese. The last time we were in Brasil, I told my mother-in-law that made a lovely blow job instead of a lovely banquet.

    My husband thinks it’s a riot when I say inappropriate things without knowing it. Unless it’s to his mother. He didn’t think that was a riot.

  28. Newman. Forgot to ask.

    And lovely blow job? Priceless.

  29. That’s hilarious!

    Makes me even more thankful that the only language barrier my Brit and I had to overcome was English …after all I speak American!

  30. LOL omg my kids have a tv game called “sega pico” …I’ll never be able to look at it again without laughing!!

  31. I’m going to find a way to use that today. Sica pico. Writing that down…

  32. amy

    lol! so much for beating around the bush! One hell of a story to tell the kids some day!

  33. I’m going to tell my brother to be VERY VERY CAREFUL when ordering PICO DE GALLO (salsa).

    No I’m not.

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