Da Goils, they’re going to Hawaii.

These are Da Goils. (Letter B, that’s me.) We’ve known each other forever.

We’re a diverse crew.

One of us lit a fart in high school. (Yes, you heard right. We’re a cultured bunch.) You wouldn’t BELIEVE the size of the blue flame that shot out of her arse, burning a hole right through her hot pink long johns.

One of us currently lives in Chile, teaching English to business people. She and I are the only ones who have never been married, although I think she’s close.

 One of us peed on her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend while they were making out at a party. She was drunk and looking for the bathroom. They were lying on a beanbag chair in a dark room. Honest mistake.

One of us was valedectorian. And a closet pot smoker. And voted Most Likely to Succeed. And is now filthy stinkin’ rich.

One of us was editorial editor of the high school paper, which included her monthly column about high school life.

One of us drove a HUGE brown station wagon from the ’70s, affectionately referred to as the Coppertone Tank. It came complete with rear-looking seats in the ‘way back’ dedicated to her younger siblings.

Sometimes I do that — look at a photo and wonder, if our past selves were somehow given a picture of our future selves, would we be able to guess our paths?

Would we be able to guess who never got married? Who had three kids? Who had two or one? Or none? Who divorced and remarried? Who was the first to lose a parent? Who was the second?

Some of our lives have been predictable. Some, anything but. I take comfort in this. Because no matter the outcome, there’s nothing like old friends. At least not for me. I’m fairly certain that kind of bond is impossible to recreate after a certain age. I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything.

The photo above was taken at our 20-year class reunion in ’06 — a fateful occasion it turns out, because it was then we decided that come 2008, when we all turned 40, we were doing a girl’s trip. No husbands, no boyfriends, no kids. No excuses.

Just us.

I can’t believe we’re actually going to pull it off.

Yessiroonie, this August we’ll all be basking in the toasty Hawaiian sun. (Uh, BURNING is probably more accurate for Mommypie.)

Getting everyone to agree on a destination took some time. We decided on Hawaii after each of us summarized our criteria in a sentence or two.

For instance, one wanted to be pampered, and to NOT have to cook. Another didn’t want to be locked into a schedule. And one didn’t want to travel out of the country.

My desire was simply to lie on the beach and have beautiful shirtless boys serve me drinks. And because I’ve become attached to the notion it’s just not vacation without a floating bar, that was added to the list as well.

Which I suppose means it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new swimsuit.



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21 responses to “Da Goils, they’re going to Hawaii.

  1. Hey! Have fun in Hawaii! Which Hawaiian island will you be staying on? =)

    • John

      Wow, letter “B”. You are gorgeous! I’m seeing this pic a few years late, but where are the Hawaii pics??

      A younger guy that thinks you’re smokin’

  2. I have a group of friends like this, too. We’ve been friends since we were 12…you cannot replace or recreate that kind of friendship. They literally know me as well as I know myself.

    Have an absolute BLAST on your trip!

  3. littlemansmom

    How exciting!!!!! I think it’s wonderful to have a group like that. Memories old and new…. lucky, luck lady!

  4. Have a great time! And, damn woman, you look great!

  5. Deb

    I love that you’re doing that. It looks (and sounds) like you’ve got a great group.

    My high school girlfriends and I are trying now to plan a trip…but nobody can agree on a destination.

    And I also love looking at pics from”then” and wondering if we ever guessed how we’d all turn out.

  6. You are going to have the most fabulous trip! Hawaii was the best vacation I ever took, and I was there with an 18 month old (and thankfully Husband to help with son). Imagine how great to be there unencumbered by responsibilities!! -sigh- What island(s)?

  7. We’re going to Kona? I think … I get confused … It’s the island with the active volcano. I can’t WAIT to see the lava flows (or is it floes?). Lava and half nekkid beach boys … what more could a girl ask for?

    And Kendra, thanks for the awesome compliment!

  8. Jen

    Hawaii!! Wow, you are going to have a great time. Not that I know, because I haven’t actually been there, but how can you not have a great time in Hawaii!?! And to go with your old high school friends–it doesn’t get any better than that! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂

  9. You lucky girl! Sounds like a blast, will I fit in your carry on??

  10. OMG! That is soooooo awesome!
    My sisters and I are actually planning the same sort of thing. We dont’ know if it will be Hawaii (only one of the four of us likes the beach and two of us have skin cancer issues) but we are planning SOMETHING.
    Have fun! That’s GREAT!

  11. I think I should come along, too.

  12. sparklingmama

    That sounds amazing!
    Going to Hawaii is a dream of mine as well.

  13. Sounds like a blast.
    Also your cheekbones are THE AWESOME.

  14. I keep in close touch with exactly three high school friends, and two of them are single guys. Not exactly appropriate “drinking and dishing on the beach” pals. I’m jealous, and get LOTS of pictures!

  15. You will love it there!!

  16. Goils trips are the best. This year my goils and I are making our third trip up to our favorite hot springs in British Colombia, where we wear out the spa staff, drink whatever the locals drink, and the single goils hunt for CB (Canadian Bacon).

  17. Well aren’t you guys a beautiful group. I mean only on the surface of course. Beyond that you’re bad ass cool. I think my favorite “characteristic” is the peeing one. Even by accident, that’s gotta be an awesome feeling.

    I can’t wait to read about the trip. B/c that’s as close as I’m getting to flying again. Especially all the way to . . . well, anywhere.

  18. One of us was valedectorian. And a closet pot smoker. And voted Most Likely to Succeed. And is now filthy stinkin’ rich

    Well who isn’t? *cough, um I meant filthy stinking rich. Yeah, that’s totally what I meant. Gosh, what were you thinking I meant? sheesh

    Be careful there. I’ve been to Maui twice and was ready to pack it up and live in a one bedroom apt. with 16 other waitresses the first time I went. It’s that awesome.

    Looking forward to the stories.

  19. Hope you don’t croak from eating too many peanuts before you get there. TOTALLY kidding. I mean, I really hope you don’t croak before you get there. Lay off the peanuts.

    Hope they don’t serve peanuts on the plane…

    LOL! I love you. This post was awesome to read. I’m going to guess – but I think you’re the one who farted through your pink jeans….after eating too many nuts.

    DAMN! I am so going to get busted for laughing out loud at work. No laughing. Back to work.

  20. Mr. Farklepants and I got married in Kona! Good times.

    And don’t let that one fart near the volcano. She may set off a tsunami.

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