And the wiener is …

Dear Mixmaster D (or the artist formerly known as San Diego Momma),

You ROCK. Last night, you spent hours with Mommypie, trying to help Retardo Montablan compile and embed the BlogHerNot ’08 Party Playlist on her site.

My sincerest apologies for getting so heated. And burning Mommypie’s lap. I partied so freakin’ hard over the weekend, I’m not quite up to speed yet, and when I get frustrated, I tend to crash. Sorry for going off so many times last night. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

A big thank you for offering to post the playlist on YOUR SITE, when I flaked. The tracks from Single Working Mommy’s Human Party and Modern Single Momma’s After Party are bumpin’. Awesome compilation. After all that trouble, the BlogHerNot Beetches better go to your site and check it out.

I know Mommypie’s totally jammin’ to the soundtrack right now – cheating on me with that fat desktop slut at work. Dirty Dell Ho.

Oh yeah, one more item. According to this thing …

AliasMother won the BlogHerNot ’08 Geoge Clooney dream pillow, courtesy of Chesty Larue.

Mommypie just discovered AliasMother through BlogHerNot and I totally agree she’s all kinds of funny. Congratulations AM – can’t wait to see photos. Of you and George in bed. So Mommypie can sell them to TMZ. And get that boob job she won’t shut up about.

As soon as I calm down and decide to play nice I’ll have one last bonus for the BlogHerNots. Probably tomorrow though. My head is pounding like a muthaboard.


Mommypie’s Laptop


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11 responses to “And the wiener is …

  1. All I’m saying is you better trademark Retardo Montablan otherwise I’m so stealing it.

  2. Here’s four cyber asprin for your headache… Because you rock so hard, I’m now rockn’ at work….Thank you!!

  3. “Retardo Montablan”

    I totally just spewed water everywhere. That very line deserves an Oscar for Best Writing, or something like that. Seriously!

    SMD is right, copyright that bad boy!

    Congrats AliasMother!

  4. Thanks MSM – I’ll pass ’em on to Laptop. He’s a little bitchy today.

  5. Retardo Montalban. Fabulous. Seriously fabulous.

  6. Do zjoo hev real Coreenthian layther on zjour wreest rest theengy? Oh-hh-h-h, Meess Laptop, I theenk I whant zjoo.

    Joss keeding — smiles, everyone! Smiles!

  7. OMG. Foolery. No words.

    *Uncomfortable silence as she tries to figure out WTF Foolery is talking about.

    *Gets it.

    *Falls off chair in spastic fit of laughter.

  8. aliasmother

    Oh, my. Really? I won? Oh, heavens. I am just beside myself.

    And if you think this won’t be adorning a chair in my office, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. (My husband is an understanding man, but methinks he may draw the line at snuggling up next to George every night.)

  9. Ricardo Montablan? OMG – I laughed so hard I peed myself. Gotta work on those exercises.

  10. Melissa

    You have to come over and share this at

    I found this site by using a good friends’ recommendation and I have been having so much fun. I loved this post and hope you stop by and add it to the Single Sisterhood Site.

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