God, sex and a physiology lesson. All in one morning.

Stormy weather the past few days has totally farked up the satellite, so we’ve been without TV. Which isn’t so bad. (Except I miss my spook shows. I was sad without my Ghost Hunters last night.)

Instead of watching cartoons this morning while I got ready for work, MP was left to her own devices. Over the course of an hour, we talked about space, religion, sex and the innermost workings of the brain.

I present this morning’s installation of Deep Thoughts of a Four-Year-Old.

7:22 a.m.
Is the man in the moon God?

7:47 a.m.
Walking out to the car, MP spots Grammy’s dogs goin’ at it. Grammy’s hoping to make a few extra bucks as a part-time puppy farmer. (In between mowing the lawn.)

MP: Mommy, look at Harley and Sandy! They’re being SILLY!

ME: Do you know what they’re doing? They’re trying to make a baby. Er, a puppy.

MP: Ooooh! A PUPPY! Yeah! They’re trying to get it out!

ME: Actually, they’re trying to get it ON. Well, there’s not one in there yet. They’re trying to MAKE one.

MP: Yeah, Harley’s doing TEAMWORK! (arm pump)

Gooo Wonder Pets.

7:56 a.m.
MP yawns on the way to work. Which makes me yawn.

ME: Did you know when you yawn it makes other people yawn?

MP: (smiling) Does it get into your feelings?

Oh, to be four.



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21 responses to “God, sex and a physiology lesson. All in one morning.

  1. God is DEFNITELY the man on the moon. Hahaha that’s great!

  2. Should I bring crackers if I go to heaven?

  3. Sometimes our kids are far brighter than we give them credit for…and far funnier!

  4. Damn, PJ Momma — You’re hilarious, Doog. Why didn’t I write that?!?

  5. I love it! She’s so smart!

  6. That kid’s a smart cookie. Man, now I almost can’t wait for Tricia to get to that age because I miss the days of having a kid who is simultaneously entirely too wise and utterly innocent.

  7. pavlovskitty

    So how did you answer the moon question?

    My five year old recently asked me what a “whore” was. I had to try to explain it while my thirteen year old laughed at me.

  8. Yeah, that was a longer conversation, not easily broken out into a post …

    Oh, I wish I could’ve seen you explaining ‘whore.’

  9. Doesn’t Wonder Pets just help you through so many of life’s tough situations, my four-year old would have the same response.

    Watch out for those early morning questions, those can get you before the coffee can~

  10. the other day I was bored and teaching Lucca how to say, “Hot Mama!” He wasn’t catching on, so I gave up. Little did I know he kept that little gem in his pocket.
    A few days later when we were swim -suit shopping I was in the dressing room with him feeling absolutely grotesque in my near-nakedness. Just then he whipps out, “Hotttttt Maaaaama!”

    Oh I love my son.

  11. Can I borrow him? ‘Cause I’ve been swimsuit shopping this week with MP and she just tells me she can’t wait to have a belly as BIG as mine.

  12. Hilarious, I’ll bring the crackers and the cheese.

  13. That’s awesome! She is a little smarty that one!

  14. Is it okay to steal lines from a 4 year old? If so, I’m so taking “it gets into your feelings”. Also – is it sad I was singing the rest of the Wonder Pets song?

  15. I will go to bed for the night with the Wonderpets song in my head. Kids have such great perspective.

  16. littlemansmom

    so sweet…..it’s amazing what they come up with sometimes…

  17. Oh MP. Hilarious, yet so curious. I’m kinda glad that I don’t know the Wonder Pets song at this point.

  18. oh, to be 4, indeed…

    my 4yo likes to say that he understands what my 2yo is saying. the other morning, while driving them to their respective places of learning (ha), i heard this:

    keira (2yo): “gobbledey gobbledey gook”
    Me: what did she just say? (to nate)
    nate (4yo): “she said tiger. she speaks nate. and i am the creator of nate, so i can understand what she’s saying.”

    awesome. and just like my brother and i. we had our own language, but we didn’t ‘invent’ it until we were at least 7 and 9yrs old…

  19. So, um, pavlovskitty . . . what IS a whore?

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