My 15 minutes of fame.


Hey! Did I mention I’m guest posting at today?

I didn’t? 

That’s weird …


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20 responses to “My 15 minutes of fame.

  1. You. Are. Brave.

    (Oh, and that’s a lovely photo of you and MP.) Brava!!!

  2. Great post on Glamour. It was really an interesting look at how you can know someone … yet not know them at all. And, that is a stunning picture of you two!

  3. Yea!! Loved it! You’re a brave and beautiful person…and a shark couldn’t come close to having your sense of humor!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for representing for all us single moms out there. We need more positive role models like you. Maybe the rest of the world will stop comparing us to Octomom and creators of “future strippers.” I invite you to meet Mommypie, ANN COULTER.

  6. Loved it! Congrats on your magazine debut.

  7. Wow, that is so cool 🙂 But were you really pregnant for 4 years? 😉

  8. Nappy

    Was all bubbly for your good fortune, so will ignore the badmouthing of my secret love, Ann C.

    And was actually surprised that your fairytale ending (next chapter) wasn’t part of the story.

  9. Congratulations! Pisceshanna is right. I’m tired of sad-sack stories about single moms. Thank you for sharing your side and making us all look good!

  10. Fantastic. And I honor your choice — I can’t ever know, but I’m pretty sure it would have been mine, too.

    And of course men should have a choice in the matter, just as we should! It’s a case of defining terms. In my book, his choice was made when the clothes came off.

    I’ll shut up now. You kick butt, Miss Pie, and MP and The Boy are lucky to have you. : )

  11. Nappy

    …guess I’ll never take my cloths off in front of Foolery, I can’t afford any more children! 🙂

    But wonder, does this starting point of a man’s responsibility include sexting?

  12. You live in LA?!? We have to have lunch someday!

  13. But back to your article – and I must get your book – I once gave my X the option to just walk away entirely…and I wish he would’ve taken me up on it.

    No 2 of us are going to have the same experience, so there’s not a right or wrong answer for everyone. Just what we, as the primary caregivers, think is best for our children.

    • Hey April — The one in LA is actually Christine Coppa, the regular single mom blogger for (She’s also the one with the book, although I’d readily take credit — it’s great!) I was just filling in for the day!


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