Rattled! A Memoir. A Pie House Giveaway.

A few weeks ago, Christine Coppa, the single mom blogger from Glamour Magazine’s Storked! blog emailed and asked if I’d be interested in guest blogging. 

Um, CHAH. Waddayouthink?

So, my guest post, it’ll be up tomorrow (Thursday). But don’t worry about that now, because I’ll definitely be reminding you again TOMORROW, APRIL 30. My guest post. Up tomorrow. At Glamour.com.

Right now, though, I have a groovy book giveaway to tell you about. It’s over at Swap Mamas — Oh hey … imagine that! All you have to do to enter is:

1. Join Swap Mamas. If you’re already a member, you’re ahead of the game.

2. Invite every single person you know to ALSO join Swap Mamas. Just click the INVITE tab at the top of the landing page.

3. Harass, intimidate, annoy, promise sexual favors — whatever you gotta do — until they actually DO join. Okay, maybe don’t harass or intimidate.

rattledcoverYou have a month to get as many friends to join as you can. Come June 1, if you’ve referred the most new members, you’ll win Christine’s fabulous new book, Rattled! A Memoir. Wait, I’ll up the odds … how about the top TWO referrers will each win a copy? Woot woot!

Here are a few reviews:

“Sex and the City crashes into reality at taxicab speed. Coppa is engaging, honest and, ultimately, inspiring.”
Louise Sloan, author oKnock Yourself Up: A Tell-all Guide to Becoming a Single Mom

“Neither fairy tale or cautionary tale, Rattled! is both a brave, bittersweet memoir about the life that happens when you’re busy making other plans and a hilarious, heartwarming love story about a mother and her son.” –Matt Sullivan, InTouch Weekly

Even if you’ve never found yourself single, pregnant and headed back home to the burbs, you will relate to this true story of life gone wrong-and then oh so right again.”
–Susan Goodall, Executive Managing Editor, Glamour

Oh, and my fave:

“Christine Coppa is a potty-mouthed, modern-day Holly Golightly. May she steal your heart as she’s stolen mine.”
Genevieve Field, co-founder, Nerve.com

A potty-mouthed, modern-day Holly Golightly. If I had a left nut, I’d totally give it to be described like that. However, I’m guessing if I suddenly DID have a left nut, I wouldn’t need much incentive to let it go. ‘Cause Mama ain’t givin’ up the skinny jeans. And I’m not into duct tape.

And THAT attractive visual, my friend, is on the house.

Oh yeah. All those peeps you’re going to send to Swap Mamas? Make sure they say YOU sent them. Otherwise, fun as it may have been, all your unseemly behavior will be for naught.

Good luck!



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5 responses to “Rattled! A Memoir. A Pie House Giveaway.

  1. Finn

    How famous are you?

  2. How cool! I can say ‘I “knew” you when’ . . .

    PS. I tagged you for a meme.

  3. I got two people signed up, my mom and my pregnant co-worker. HA!

  4. theboy

    Potty mouthed … ok. Holly golightlightly … ok. Left nut, and no duct tape … the hell!

  5. Time for that shower — hope it’s not too late to save my eyes.

    Congratulations on the article! Hope the link will still work, TWO DAYS LATE . . .

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