All for one.

It’s 2 p.m., I’m sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people. And the tears, they are streaming.

It’s funny, this community of ours. Call us Mommy Bloggers. Call us the Blogosphere. A powerful, and at times awe-inspiring collective voice. More often than not, a beautiful collective heart.

Our friendships forged over late night Tweets and Comments Sections, we find ourselves bonding with women we may never meet face-to-face. Yet, the invisible ties of the Internet that bind us are, inexplicably, many times, just as strong as the ties we feel with those we affectionately call our IRL (In Real Life) Friends.

Beginning today, I make no distinction between the two.

I’m no less happy for a Blog Friend when she lands a great job.

I’m no less sad when she loses it.

I don’t laugh less when she recounts her kid’s latest antics. (Or more times than not, her own.)

I don’t worry less about her during the tough times.

My heart doesn’t break less when she suffers staggering, unimaginable loss.

It’s 2 p.m., I’m sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people. And the tears, they are streaming.

Due to overwhelming traffic, @mamaspohr’s site is currently down, but please keep trying, and send her your love. In the meantime, Meghan at A Mom Two Boys is working hard to get it back up, and has done a wonderful job keeping everyone updated through her blog and Twitter.



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10 responses to “All for one.

  1. I finally got my post up…it was painfully hard, through the tears and through the compulsive need to snuggle Imp close to me and inhale deeply. Harder still to let her go. I think I am greatly envious of this time in her life…a time filled with innocence to the agony that accompanies a loss like that of beautiful little Maddie.

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  3. Exactly. All of it – you said it perfectly.

  4. Thank you for writing this. It’s perfect.

  5. I resemble your remarks; saw them first on Blog Nosh, but again here. You honor their family beautifully.

  6. Gorgeous writing for something so heartbreaking.

  7. theboy

    I love your heart.

  8. just want to say hellooooo!!!!!!1

  9. won

    I had just the opposite experience this week. I posted something so horrific and a part of who I am/my history…and while people came out in droves to read it, only about one percent had anything at all to say.

    It hurt.

    It didn’t reinforce a good feeling of fellow bloggers, in general.

    It made me think about the dichotomy of how ppl did show up and offer support in droves when my eleven year old daughter passed away from brain cancer. It made me wonder if ppl generally want to be there for support for the dying…but shy away from support for the living.

  10. This is beautiful. It really expressed something I’ve been thinking about for awhile too. Love those mamas!

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