Bob the Egg.

Early last night, as is custom, MP and I dyed Easter eggs at Grammy’s.

Grammy got creative with her eggs, using paper towels and Pam Cooking Spray to achieve a sophisticated mottled effect. She’s so Martha.

I gave the tie dye technique a try. Apparently I’m more Woody Harrelson.

And MP, she named her eggs. Sam, Kamber, Taylor, Wyatt.

I kinda liked Vann. He was hot. For an egg.

MP preferred Bob.




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7 responses to “Bob the Egg.

  1. 2 thumbs up for BoB

    I miss dyeing eggs with little ones but I don’t miss the mess we’d make!

  2. Creative and disturbing all at the same time. I think I’m kinda jealous.

  3. Um, would that be Bob the blob from Monsters vs. Aliens? Did MP go see this recently? Just wondering.

  4. Andi

    I heart MP!! She’s so dang cute!

    PS – You may want to talk to your alter ego, Woody Harrelson, about the difference between movie zombies (pretend!) and paparazzi (real!) Talk about some raging ‘noids!!

  5. Im new to your blog, been trying to catch up on the post to find out whats going on, lol But I just loove you all and the blog of course.
    New to the blog thing in general but come check me out when out get a chance..

  6. Bob’s not bad….for an egg.

    I love the mottled ones. But knowing me, using Pam and paper towels, well, it probably would end up badly. Just my luck.

  7. We dyed five dozen eggs, minus a few that didn’t make the cut. I figure if I’m gonna have the clean-up I may as well extend it beyond the five minutes that a simple dozen would take.

    Yeah. Cholesterol count is likely a tad high these days. Urp.

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