While the Pie’s away, the boy will play.

MP is in bed. The Pie is out on assignment, and I am here. Who am I? I’m “The Boy.” (AKA ”Deef.” AKA “Uhg.”)


I’ve read the blog, and I’ve read most of the comments. Especially recently. And … since she won’t give you details, I will.


Really ready?

Really REALLY ready?

I am the most shallow person in the world. I am a typical “guy.” I have a Seinfeld-like knack for finding everything and anything wrong with a girl. Wanna hear my most recent disasters?


• Lived for the most recent celebrity magazines. Did Branjolina really just adopt another baby? How could I have missed that?

• Actually watched too much SportsCenter. Unbelievable, but true. A-Rod really did Madonna … AND Steroids?

• Was moley moley moley. Ahhh yuck. Need I say more?

• Liked boys who wore ties. I rarely wear socks.

• Was kind, considerate and giving. (Read as: can I please have 10 minutes alone? How about 5?)

• Blah, blah blah. (Read as blah, blah, blah.) That’s what she said.

Yup. Typical guy. That’s me. Just ask Pie.

My only problem is: I can’t find anything wrong with Pie. Believe me, I’ve tried. And now I’ve spent face time with her. And she only gets sweeter.



“THE” Boy


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24 responses to “While the Pie’s away, the boy will play.

  1. Me

    Yeah…I’m not buying it. I think this is all just for ratings! I need to see a picture of a kiss.

  2. Me

    and don’t get smart….with each other!

  3. can you two get any cuter?

  4. You sound perfect for my favorite MommyPie. Perfect.

    This is me doing the dance of giddy-happy for you both.

  5. 3limes

    Any guy that goes onto the computer while girlfriend is out ( and said boy is babysitting) and blogs about how great said girlfriend is… well. How lovely is that?
    The proof is in the pie!

  6. you guys are both true new media douchebags.

    BUT I LOVE YA! and i want to see pictures. and stuff. 😉

  7. Andi

    Oh, I *like* Mr. Pie!!! What a perfect match, ya’ll!

  8. Awwww. Okay. You can stay.

  9. When’s the wedding?
    I think you should propose on my blog okay?

    What? Stop looking at me like that! Yes it will be great for my blog ratings and maybe get me a spot on Good Morning America….but more importantly it will be a rockin cool story to tell the grand children. You know when they will look up at you both and say “what the heck is a BLOG?”

    Just let me know….happy to help out anytime…


  10. I take full credit for this. I’m not sure how or why, but something this awesome MUST be the work of me.

  11. Lurdes

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Search fast!

  12. Annie

    Great job, “the Boy”! You are clearly up to Pie standards!

    Treat her right or we’ll send some thugs with rolling pins after you!

  13. I’ve showed up late as usual, but I pretty much figured he was Mr. Guy (a rank higher than The Boy), and here’s the proof.

    SUCKS that he’s so awesome. Now we’ll have lots of stale pie in the pie case.

    Jeebus, none of this was supposed to sound a) retarded or b) explicit.

    Smiling ear to ear, Mis Pie. Smiling.

  14. Okay, I’m new around here so I had to read around a little to understand what’s going on lol.

    But now that I’m kind of getting to the point of maybe understanding, here is my comment: cute =)

  15. Dear boy:

    You’re speaking to the choir – we’ve been in love with Pie from the beginning.

    But we’re so thrilled she’s found you… or should I say that you’ve found her.

    Lucky you!

  16. Awwwwwwwww.

    Takes me forever to get around to my favs now days but have been thinking about you two.

    So very happy for you guys. 🙂

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  18. Mr. Pie: Be good to her, she deserves it. You are one lucky man.

    Mommy Pie: If this isn’t the most romantic thing ever? He posted on your blog!! So happy for you two — you three!

  19. Congratulations on finding love 🙂 So great to hear!

  20. Now I’m hoping that the next person I date has a blog so I can do this exact same thing.

    Nicely played, good sir.

  21. A.dorable. Really. I must puke now. Congrats on finding a new piece of the pie? Ugh…now I must puke about my own comment.

  22. Could the moles not have made a fun game of Connect the Dots? Eww… Just kidding.

    I would just like to say that this post is adorable. Swoon.

  23. theboy

    Thanks All! I promise that, like Yogi: I love pie. She is safe with me.

  24. You got a brother who likes 43 year old women with a daughter?


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