Because really. Is there anything better than AI and Checkers?

So …


He arrived at 1:00 this afternoon, it’s now 9:30 and so far, so good. Okay, so far, so FANTASTIC. We’ve already been to Costco together, gone out for a romantic fast-food taco lunch, had a little nap, toured MP’s preschool, eaten pizza with Grammy and Poppy, entertained ourselves with American Idol, and as I write this, he and MP are engaged in a rousing game of Checkers.

Ah, bliss …


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17 responses to “Because really. Is there anything better than AI and Checkers?

  1. Costco pizza is the bomb. It’s like an appetizer to the buffet of free samples inside.
    Chinese bamboo rice leafs — I’ll try it!

    I love that your 2009 is blowing up huge. You totally deserve it!

  2. More information! I want more information!

    Thank you.


  3. This makes me squee. It’s unnatural for me to have so much invested in the love life of someone else. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? It’s TOTALLY natural for me. I’m such a buttinski. Keep the updates coming so I can continue my vicarious life.

  4. Andi

    I knew CCB was the one when he willingly accompanied me to Costco. That’s such a “relationship” thing, don’t you think??

    Enjoy your time with your boy. Mine will be here tomorrow so I’ll be blissful right along with ya! 😉

  5. Finn

    Had a “little nap”? Yeah, right

  6. AAhhh, the way to Mommypie’s heart…tacos.

  7. another co-worker

    Um, you haven’t mentioned the little gift bag that you got. That I completely embarrassed myself purchasing at Albertsons I might add.

  8. “Bliss” — with so little factual information here, it’s fun to invent what that might be code for. 🙂 I’m so happy for you.

  9. Am so happy for you! Like Beej, I just squeeeeeee’d!

  10. Wow, family life right off the bat. How incredible.

    And, um, that gift bag? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  11. seriously…we know you took pictures of the contents of that bag. You should show the world how creative another co-worker is, all on your behalf.

  12. PAPA — Aw, thanks — this plus SDM’s gig make this a pretty great month!

    SDM — See next post. 🙂

    Beej — See SDM.

    Andi — Yippee! Enjoy your bliss, Doog.

    Finn — Yeah, Grammy and Poppy read the blog. Ahem.

    QB — You know me so well.

    Another Co-Worker — Keep yer pants on. (No pun intended.) Post with photos to come.

    MommyTime — BLISS. Because Life Is So Short. 🙂

    Auds — Earl, clean-up in Aisle 9.

    SMS — Dental floss.

    QB — See Another Co-Worker. Man, you guys are antsy.

  13. another co-worker

    Antsy? Whatever. QB and I get to meet the boy tonight. So everyone else, eat your hearts out.

  14. Romantic fast food is totally the way to go!

  15. Everything here is code. Lucky for me I speak in code.

    Congratulations! hummina-hummina-hummina

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