And … We Have Snow. Again.



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6 responses to “And … We Have Snow. Again.

  1. As a Colorado blogger, I feel your pain. What state do you reside in btw? Those mountains look suspiciously like the Rockies.

  2. As a Maine blogger…I soooooo feel ya on that one. I’m about to vomit if I see another falling snow flake. The are no longer beautiful and the stuff Christmas carols and winter songs are made of. They are ANNOYING and I want them GONE!

    Mother Nature….we hear you, loud and clear!

  3. Oh, I totally feel for you. I hate when you think it should be done for the year, and then there’s yet another storm. Luckily, I can’t see any when I look out the window, but I’m expecting it any day now. All the way until June.

  4. I’m so sorry! The snow is finally starting to melt over here in Michigan, but who knows if it’s gone for good.

  5. I love your cow graphic. That’s just how they talk, too. Word.

  6. Yeah … thought “To ya mutha” might be too unrealistic.

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