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Tissue please.

So yeah. It’s winter.


Thanks MSNBC, for pointing it out.



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And now, the weather.

I feel I should document yesterday’s snowstorm. Yes. SNOW. STORM. On June 11.

MP was LOVIN’ it. Here she is catching snowflakes on her tongue. You can’t see her because apparently just before a camera dies, it sees colors, lots of pretty colors. And then it travels down a loooong tunnel toward a beautiful bright light. And if it’s led a good and just life, it comes back as a discounted iPhone.

Our drive to work looked like this.

And this.

After dropping MP off at preschool, Longshoreman Mommypie was COLD and WET and none too thrilled to be wearing wool in JUNE.

Personally, Mommypie prefers cold and wet to look more like this.

Not to worry. Mommypie’s favorite workplace appliance came to the rescue and saved not only the hair, but the day.

And all was well in Pie Town.


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In case you were wondering where I live.

Greenland. I live in Greenland.

This is the view from my office today.

It’s June 6th and I’m wearing a turtleneck. And sitting at work with a space heater on my lap. MP wore her winter coat to preschool this morning, and my heating bill is still over $300.


Global warming? Myth.


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Stepping Outside My Box For A Minute …

Yesterday it snowed. I’m willing to bet it will be beautiful tomorrow. Because that’s been the pattern around here as of late.

It’s exasperating and makes no sense.

Mama Earth is telling us to suck it, folks.

This week’s tragic headlines have left me deeply disturbed. Because while some of these phenomena are purely unavoidable consequences of time, others are anything but.

It’s in these cases that, as far as I can tell, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

And it’s infuriating.

I grew up in a conservation-conscious family. Before my dad (Bobo) gave up corporate life and became a full-time artist, he was a landscape architect. He’s remained a steadfast voice for environmental issues his entire life. My mother ran a successful greenhouse business and is now a garden designer. Their combined love of nature and the importance they place on protecting it were were values instilled in us at an early age. Whether it was watering the lawn with “grey water” from the washing machine, putting bricks in the toilet, or collecting cans and recycling them for a few extra bucks (when I wasn’t pedaling porn), my brother and I knew it was important to take care of our planet.

Even so, front pages like the one above have a much more profound effect on me now that I’m a mother. Like all parents, I want to leave the world a better place for my child. And front pages like the one above freak me out. (Helluuu, Demi Moore? Seventh Seal?) Despite the sheer magnitude of this week’s events, I can’t shake the feeling they’re mere hiccups.

And that Mother Nature is getting ready to vomit.

Big hairy chunks. It would appear she’s had enough. I can’t say I blame her.

We’ve treated her like sh*t. And any lady with an ounce of self-respect wouldn’t take it lying down.


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