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A modern day holiday story worth re-telling.

After a long day, some quality time with extended family, and what feels like 12 lbs of Grammy’s cooking settling in my belly, MP and I are home, readying to roll ourselves into bed.

As we read the final story of the night, I held her tight and said a silent prayer of thanks for this beautiful child I adore and can’t imagine life without. This child I love more than life itself.

And my thoughts turned to another blogger, who also has a daughter. Two weeks ago, she reached out across the Blogosphere, in the hopes that someone, somewhere would help save her child’s life. With the outpouring of support I’ve seen all over the Internet this past week, I realize chances are good you’re probably already familiar with her story, but on the off chance you aren’t, I thought I’d share.

She’s come into my thoughts nearly every day since I read this post. I spent two years working in the organ donation industry. I’ve been a passionate advocate for the cause ever since. And three years ago, my SIL donated her kidney to her mother. I had a small idea what this blogger’s daughter may have ahead.

More than that, though, I’m a mom. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes.

And now, against all odds, it seems her prayers have been answered. What an incredible testament to the power of the Internet, and this amazing community we’re all a part of.

I am in awe.

Today, among many, many other things, I am thankful for connectivity. For all of YOU. And for a renewal of faith that miracles DO happen.

Happy Thanksgiving, Doogs. You rock.


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My cup runneth over.

When I was young, before I was old enough to write, my mother helped me with a Lucky List. I dictated all the things I was thankful for and she wrote them down. Anytime I was feeling sorry for myself she read it to me. Later, when I was old enough to read it myself, I was told to do so at the first sign of a Pity Party.

This Thanksgiving, I’ll be passing down the tradition to MP. Next time she doesn’t get that toy at the grocery store — the one she inevitably REEEALLLY wants — she’ll have her own list to remind her how very fortunate she already is.

Thirty-six years later, I still have mine — a simple handwritten list on lined notebook paper, written in blue ballpoint.

It’s packed away, tucked in a shoe box stuffed with birthday cards and souvenirs, most assuredly buried among day camp crafts and Disneyland Mouse Ears. Among Nancy Drew Mysteries and headless Barbies.

It’s there somewhere. Relegated to the past. I no longer need that list to remember how very lucky I am.

I’m reminded every day.



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