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The big day. She’s a comin’.

Just two more days until the big Sex and the City movie premiere! Squeee! (My new favorite expression.)

Unfortunately, I’m not as lucky or famous as Amy in Ohio who gets to see a sneak peek tonight. She even made her local paper for being a “Sex” Addict. Color me green with envy.

And then there’s McMommy, who has her own virtual ensemble for the event, hand selected by her own virtual stylist, The Preppy Princess.

I can’t do much about the advance tix. But I CAN give you a shot at a virtual SATC makeover, complete with new outfit and body to match. Allow moi to be your stylist for the day.

If you haven’t left a comment on the poll (See that thing up in the right hand corner?) git your butts over there and tell me which one of the gals you’re most like.

So far, there are a lot of Charlotte’s in Bloggywood. Here are the numbers to date:

32% of you are Charlotte
25% of you are Miranda
21% of you are Carrie
8% of you are Samantha
2% of you are Mr. Big
2% of you are Smith
If you’re single, male and straight, call me.

And, drumrole please …

11% of you have NO idea who these people are. You have been living under a rock.

That’s okay. Rocks are good places sometimes. Quiet.

What are the rest of you waitin’ for??!? Leave a comment on the poll!! Four of you will have your lovely faces superimposed on those —> bodies. If that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what it.



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The Poll, The Poll!

Look! Look! Up there — in the right hand corner!

You have no idea how proud of myself I am! After nearly going insane, I was able to backdoor the completely jacked-up WordPress system and figure out a way to make my very own poll! Yippee!

So here’s the deal … you take the poll, then leave a comment on the poll site, telling me what SITC character you’re like (make sure to leave your URL), and I’ll randomly pick a few people to transform through the magic of Photoshop. My gift to you. Just think of the fabulous screen saver it’ll make! (Personally, I’m diggin’ myself with long Carrie hair …)

Don’t worry if you already took it yesterday — go ahead and do it again! I’ll leave the button up all month, and then display the results, along with the new blogalicious cast, May 30.

I’m so excited, I think I peed a little.

I’m even thinking I’ll give it a shot with a new and different cast each month!

Yeah, I know. I so need to get out more.


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Sex in the City Countdown!

Ms. Single Mama alerted me to the news that the Sex in the City movie is coming out MAY 30!


The trailer gives a lot away, but after doing a little research, I’ve learned a small detail you may or may not have heard about. Someone dies. What?!? My money’s on Big. (Which, sadly, would be eerily similar to my life …)

I’ve wanted to try out a poll widget and thought this would be as good a topic as any to give her a test run. I REALLY wanted to place it over in the sidebar to run all month, but am quickly finding out WordPress sucks widgety eggs.

So, after HOURS of hair-pulling, I’ve learned that for the time being, all I can do is incorporate a lame link:

Yippee! The Sex in the City movie opens MAY 30! What character is most like you?
( surveys)

In the meantime, just in case the poll DOESN’T work, which is entirely possible, leave a comment as well so we can all revel in the return of the ladies!

If you need a character refresher, you can check out HBO’s cast page. And since I’m all about equal opportunity, I included some of the SITC men in the poll, if you happen to not be a member of the fairer sex. (Or, if you are a member of the fairer sex, but identify more with one of the dudes.)

What character most closely resembles you? If you were a character from Sex in the City, which one would you be?

(In case you missed the link the first time, here it is again. C’mon, take the poll. Everyone’s doing it …)

Yippee! The Sex in the City movie opens MAY 30! What character is most like you?
( surveys)

As for me, I’d have to say Carrie (Ahem. Hellooo, she IS the star.), with a little Samantha for good measure.

I’m fairly certain they don’t enjoy the GPs as much as I do though …


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