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Even better than wax lips. Better tasting too.

This is Dental Hygiene Week at the Pie Town Preschool.

MP’s learning the importance of regular brushing and flossing. And what happens when you DON’T take care of your teeth, and eat too much sugar.


They turn into marshmallows.

Your gums into cream cheese.

And your lips into rosy red apples.

(It’s all very Mr. Potato Head-y.)

Then your teeth fall out and the Tooth Fairy leaves candy under your pillow while you sleep.


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Gangsters, lumberjacks and yellow snow.

This …


is part of MP’s baby doll crib. Part of the mobile that connects to MP’s baby doll crib, to be exact. A girly thing.

Last night, MP emerged from her room, walked to the bathroom, and brandishing the pink plastic mobile part with both hands, looked at herself in the mirror.

“All right, let’s see what this baby can do.”
Snarly face. Machine gun sound.

Um, WHAT? (Trust me, it wasn’t easy to keep a straight face.)

“We don’t play guns, MP.”

“I’m not,” she says, still pointing her Tommy Gun at her reflection.

“Yes you are.”

And then, like the Master of Misdirection she is, MP began sawing the countertop.

“I was playing SAWS. This is a SAW. See?”

Okay, I know it’s more of a boy thing, and might sound a bit out of character for a four-year-old girl, but I gotta admit … I’m not really all that surprised.

This is the child who, earlier this week, as we were rushing into preschool purposefully spilled her lemonade from its sippy cup, leaving a yellow trail in the snow. Laughing to herself, and clearly VERY pleased with her effort, she noted that people were going to think it was pee.

“Heh heh.”


My daughter is Beavis.


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Life Lesson #1

The other night, MaggiePie and I were aliens. Which pretty much meant a lot of creature-speak, and since we just landed, a lot of pointing at things we didn’t understand, like food, writing utensils, tv … you get the picture.

When Big Alien tried to eat a plastic hamburger patty, Little Alien smiled, gave Big Alien a hug, and asked, “Mommy, are we going to grow up together?”

Her keen powers of observation reinforced my belief that we never stop growing. And, going hand in hand, the belief that if we’re lucky, we never stop learning. Each night on the drive home, I ask MP what she learned in preschool that day.

What would it be like if I asked myself the same question each night?

So, with that in mind, I’ve come up with a lofty goal for the new year — to recognize and write down each lesson learned, no matter how insignificant it may seem. (‘Cause let’s face it, mind-blowing epiphanies don’t happen every day.)

Or at least to try. (Okay, that’s a little more realistic.)

What MP learned at school today:
The Letter R (In Letterland, that’s Robber Red. Yeah, I don’t get it either.)

What I learned at work today:
Just because YOU may think something is the coolest, most outstanding idea in the world doesn’t mean everyone else does. Keep this in mind when you find your enthusiasm dominating the conversation for, oh, I don’t know, 45 minutes or so. (I happened to be the not so enthusiastic party today.) It’s fantastic to be passionate about someting, but be respectful of people’s time.


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Break Out The Tarot Cards

MaggiePie told her preschool teacher I had to go to a medium this morning. While her version makes for a better story, I think she meant “meeting.”

Yeah … not nearly as interesting.

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