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And the wiener is …

Dear Mixmaster D (or the artist formerly known as San Diego Momma),

You ROCK. Last night, you spent hours with Mommypie, trying to help Retardo Montablan compile and embed the BlogHerNot ’08 Party Playlist on her site.

My sincerest apologies for getting so heated. And burning Mommypie’s lap. I partied so freakin’ hard over the weekend, I’m not quite up to speed yet, and when I get frustrated, I tend to crash. Sorry for going off so many times last night. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

A big thank you for offering to post the playlist on YOUR SITE, when I flaked. The tracks from Single Working Mommy’s Human Party and Modern Single Momma’s After Party are bumpin’. Awesome compilation. After all that trouble, the BlogHerNot Beetches better go to your site and check it out.

I know Mommypie’s totally jammin’ to the soundtrack right now – cheating on me with that fat desktop slut at work. Dirty Dell Ho.

Oh yeah, one more item. According to this thing …

AliasMother won the BlogHerNot ’08 Geoge Clooney dream pillow, courtesy of Chesty Larue.

Mommypie just discovered AliasMother through BlogHerNot and I totally agree she’s all kinds of funny. Congratulations AM – can’t wait to see photos. Of you and George in bed. So Mommypie can sell them to TMZ. And get that boob job she won’t shut up about.

As soon as I calm down and decide to play nice I’ll have one last bonus for the BlogHerNots. Probably tomorrow though. My head is pounding like a muthaboard.


Mommypie’s Laptop


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Blog Blog Revolution

I have the hugest luv hangover right now.

The crazy insane support BlogHerNot received last week FLOORS me. I’m truly inspired. I think maybe I’ve found my niche. I think I actually may be kinda good at it? And, even better, I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT.

I don’t want to wait an entire year for BlogHerNot ’09.

Which is why I’m not stopping the party any time soon. (Hear the Air Supply. Be the Air Supply. Do the Air Supply.)

A whole new progressive party concept is in the works, Doogs. More virtual seminars, more parties, more socializing, and most importantly, MORE LINKAGE! Only this time I’ll be takin’ it up a notch. And it won’t be a one time deal. It’ll be a semi-regular event. Like a Victoria’s Secret bra sale.

Think of it as a virtual knowledge rave for grown-ups. A grass-roots, underground movement where we promote each other. It’ll be whatever you want it to be. And all are welcome.

So, be thinking about how/if you want to participate. If you have suggestions, no matter how crazy sounding you think they might be, email me.

Because right now, I’m feelin’ the sky’s the limit.


PS – If anyone tries to rip off this idea I’ll have to hunt them down and go postal on their ass.

PSS – For reals. Kisses!

PSSS – Winner of the BlogHerNot ’08 George Clooney/David Duchovny Chesty LaRue pillow will be announced tomorrow!


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BLOGHERNOT ’08. Kum Bai Ya Doogs.

Holy it on a stick. This weekend has been a BLAST. Capital. Bold. B-L-A-S-T. I’m feelin’ all warm and squishy inside and kind of in love with the Doogs right now. You guys MADE the event. You spread out and pushed the link love. And hopefully made a few new blog buds along the way.

I LOVE watching connections being made. Seeing that excitement when someone finds a new blog they connect with. Finding someone who speaks uniquely to them. I am in awe of you all for simply venturing into this deep and wide pool.

That being said, we’ll be closing BlogHerNot with a very relevant seminar entry by Jozet at Halushki, who is now my MAJOR BLOG CRUSH. This particular post appeared on The Wind in Your Vagina, home of Super Phenom Black Hockey Jesus. It’s freakin’ hilarious and required reading before going ANY FURTHER.

The Meta Meta Blog Post of All Time
Instructor: Jozet from Halushki

See? Told you.

And now, I’m thinking a partial recap of the festivities is in order. Because, by it’s very nature, BlogHerNot is a fluid, casual, come-and-go kind of event. You were bound to miss a few magic moments.

MommyTime from Mommy’s Martini held an improptu pre-function gathering in her room at the Women’s Colony, serving her trademark Chocolate and French Martinis before retiring for the night to go over the day’s seminars. A Bud Light Girl myself, I humored her and had a few. I do believe I’ve found a new drink.

Things took off Friday night at The Human Party, hosted by glitter-obsessed Single Working Mommy. (She’s still there if you want to say hello.) Jen (The Mom) from Cheaper Than Therapy arrived with a bottle of vino she’d purchased earlier in the day.

She thought the label was pretty.

When Matter of Fact Mommy offered to give her a girly makeover, she eagerly agreed. Poor thing had no idea. She spent the remainder of the night blissfully unaware she’d been hazed.


There was much celebration.

Kristin from Stay At Home Something, Di from Live and Let Di and Corrine from Donna Reed in Blue Jeans bonded over giant beers after discovering they each secretly enjoyed dressing like Swiss Miss.

Deb at San Diego Momma had her heart set on a nice, relaxing soak in the hot tub.

However, Steph from The Stephford Diaries kept showing up everywhere, finally going off the deep end. For all anyone knows, the two are still there.

Black Hockey Jesus took a quick break from his vacation and made a surprise appearance. Everyone who knows him, knows he’s amazing on the guitar. But things got a little surreal and out of character when he broke out the Kum Bai Ya.

He said he was more Cum. Not so much Bai Ya.

And all was right with the universe.

Until things started to get outta hand.

That’s me, Laurie from Foolery and Auds from Barking Mad. I have no explanation. However, it’s clear we could all use a little support.

At the urging of Bejewell from The Bean, Catkins from My Doppleganger took a drink every time someone tweeted about BlogHer.

Which resulted in a swift shortage of alcohol.

And that’s when everyone started drinking glitter.

Which must have somehow magically summoned a wayward porn star, who wouldn’t leave Black Hockey Jesus alone.

Pimp Daddy was fine with that.

With nothing left to drink, and the appetizers from Mel, A Dramatic Mommy, all gone, things started winding down.

Closing in on midnight, BikerChick, having had one too many Jello shots, announced she had to be up early, hopped on her bike, and nearly wiped out the appropriately attired Preppy Princess. Being a dutiful blogger, I took a photo. Unfortunately, the resulting pink and green madras mess is too graphic to post. I do have SOME ethics.

Momma Mary agreed to be designated driver, but she and Schmitty the Van never DID show up.

And remember our Keynote Speaker? Sadly, George never showed up either. I’m guessing it had something to do with the photo circulating at BlogHerNot.

Yeah, I don’t blame him.

And now, ma Doogs, as the first ever BlogHerNot officially comes to a close, I think it’s safe to say we’ve learned a valuable lesson.

Contrary to popular belief, the ruffage gained from drinking glitter, in fact, has no real dietary value. It only makes you sparkle-y and drunk.

BlogHerNot ’08!


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BLOGHERNOT ’08 Nightcap Recap

Good Morning BlogHerNotters!

If you missed the The Human Party last night, you missed THIS.

Pajama Momma showing off her brand-new, tummy-tucked belly. And mad hula hooping skills. All. Night. Long. Until the sun came up. Crazy chick.

Don’t be too sad. The party’s still going on over at Single Working Mommy‘s (she’s hardcore), so make sure to stop by. Seriously, the music alone is worth it. Oh yeah, and there’s GLITTER. Hell, for all anyone knows, Modern Single Momma‘s still there, dancin’, smokin’ and drinkin’ her mojitos.

For those drunkards feelin’ a bit hungover today, Deb at Bird on a Wire has graciously offered to spring for coffee. And if you feel like a little drama with your java, go visit her site — she has a great post up today about a Tweeter who says BlogHerNotters are all a bunch of jealous hos. Whatev.

UPDATE: Mamabeeotch says we’re jealous too. I’ve left a comment on her site, which is awaiting moderation and may never see the light of day. However, in the spirit of BlogHerNot, I’m sharing the love and linking to her, because it looks like she’s new to blogging and could use the traffic. Oiy. Please no more drama.

Tonight, the party will be live on Twitter, so if you don’t have an account, sign up and follow me! You can find a lot of BlogHerNot participants on my “Following” list — make sure to follow them too so you don’t miss out.

I also suggest visiting Ali at Procrastination and Then Some. She’s got a recipe for a Tropical Orgasm that’ll turn your panties inside out. IF you’re into that. Knowing her penchant for beachy drinks, I’m guessing Ilinap at Dirt and Noise will go for this one.

And in the meantime, if you haven’t read all the fabulous BlogHerNot seminar posts, the instructors are still around and would looove to see you!

It’s Saturday! Party on Doogs!


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Farklepants is already drunk.

Tonight, please join me in a collective virtual toast to Bloggywood and the awesome power it has to bring us together!

I am Blogger. Hear me ROAR.

Or watch Tootsie throw up. Whichever comes first.

Now get yer bootie to The Human Party, hosted by Single Working Mommy, and raise a glass. Things are just getting underway!

BlogHerNot ’08!

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the post DIRECTLY BEFORE this one to be entered to win some Clooney Love. You know you want it.


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