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I wish I could promise this would be the last poo post, but clearly that would be a lie.

Remember Bobo’s colonoscopy last week? MP does. We arrived at gymnastics Friday and pulled into a parking spot next to Bobo, who was sitting, waiting for us in his truck. MP saw him and smiled.

“Heeeyy … I didn’t know POOP DUDE was gonna be here today …”

And now Bobo has a new name. The beautiful thing is she came up with it completely on her own.

So last night Bobo and my brother (Uncle Paulie) were over — Uncle Paulie’s visiting from Denver with my SIL and nephews — and the whole Poop Dude thing came up. And because Bobo is such an easy target, especially when my brother and I get together …

Uncle Paulie to MP: Why do you call Bobo Poop Dude?

MP: Because he had to have a tube put in his POOPHOLE!

UP: (laughing) Do you know WHY Bobo had to have a tube in his poophole?

MP: Ummm …

UP: (nodding, laughing) Because he LIKES it.

MP: (laughing) Noooo! The DOCTOR had to look around.

UP: Ooooh. There’s a special kind of doctor that puts a tube up your tush. Do you know what that doctor is called?

MP: (shakes head)

UP: That would be a DEN-TIST.

My brother. He sucks.


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