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It’s MP’s world. I just live in it.

I usually have Friday’s off, but last week was crazy busy, which meant I had to run into work for a few hours Friday afternoon. Which meant I had to bring MP with me. Which meant helluuuu Happy Meal. I figured it’d keep her occupied for at least 25 minutes.

We were sitting in the McDonald’s drive-thru when MP made an observation.

“Heeeey … the McDonald’s sign looks like a big ‘M.'”

“Yep. And you know why? Sound out McDonald’s. What does it start with?”

“Mmmmmmm. M!”

“That’s right.”



“So if it started with a ‘D’ it would be DickDonald’s.


“And the sign would have a big ‘D’ instead of an ‘M!'”

(Uncontrollable laughter) “Yes, it WOULD.”

“Whoa. Aaaawesome.”


Hooked on Phonics. Mommypie gives it two thumbs up.

WAY up.


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Welcome to Mars. May I Take Your Order?

Last Friday, after gymnastics, MP and I went out to lunch with her BFF Gigi and Gigi’s mom (also my friend).

We went to the usual place. It had changed a bit over the past few weeks.


At this point, I’m wondering what planet we’ve landed on.


Here’s MP enjoying the leather couch. Note the perilously perched sculpture just begging to be tipped over. I give it two months.


You gotta be freakin’ kidding.


Yeah Baby. My McDonald’s has a leather couch.

Apparently Ronald’s had a little work done. Classin’ the joint up.

I’m troubled.

Where’s the red and yellow decor? The adjoining plastic booths that rock and jar when customers shift in their seats behind you? Where’s my Mickie D’s? What’s the world coming to?

The McDonald’s of my adolescence was THE place to go weekend nights. Situated on the outermost corner of a large shopping center parking lot, it served as a roundabout for Saturday Night Main St. Cruisers. Countless summer nights were spent on that hot pavement, bounding barefoot from car to car. Looking back, I realize our idea of entertainment reflected just how untouched by the world-at-large we really were.

It was wonderful.


We interrupt this post to puke.
How very Happy Days, MommyPie. 

I especially like the part where you fail to mention the ginormous amount of B&J Wine Coolers consumed on those hot summer nights. Mmm hmm. Continue.


It didn’t last.

Time marches on, without so much as a backward glance at those carefree summer nights that have, now without a doubt, been forever relegated to the collective memory of the class of ’86.

And now … we have leather.

Here’s a corner in the new, upscale PlayLand area — that’s Gigi’s mom relaxing in the conversation pit. As I sat down in the leather chair beside her, I couldn’t help but pity the poor shmos who were going to have to dig smashed fries and caramel goo out of its cracks.

At least the foliage is still fake.


And the piece de resistance?

The lovely water feature highlighting the trash receptacles.


It just ain’t right.


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Who Needs a Library Card?

Friday is Gymnastics Day.

Gymnastics and Errand Day.

Gymnastics, Errand and (ugh) McDonald’s PlayLand with MaggiePie’s Best Friend Day.

And then, after all that, if a major meltdown hasn’t occurred, and she hasn’t fallen fast asleep in her carseat…

Movie Store Day for Mommy’s Friday night entertainment! (Jealous much?)

So, as is tradition, today after gymnastics, PlayLand, and a gallon of Purell, we made our way to the almighty Costco. Mecca.

We like to make an event of it. After MP proudly flashes our card to a greeter, we take care of the first order of business, wheeling DIRECTLY, do not pass go, to the kids books. Yay! The Costco Free Library!

MP knows the drill – she picks out two or three books with the understanding they will be carefully read and returned before we check out. Cheap, you say? Why, yeesss.

It isn’t that I wouldn’t actually buy MP a book. Books are pretty high up there on my list of most treasured material possessions. It’s that:

a. She already has more books than most adults.
b. I want her to understand that she doesn’t get something every time we go to the grocery store, or the book store, or the toy store. That most of the time, we just look. I’m happy to report, it’s worked (for the most part).
c. She’s trained well. MP knows to be careful with the page turning, and not handle with sticky hands. (After all, eventually, someone is actually going to pay for this.)
d. Most importantly (you all know where I’m going with this) … having her occupied — not dealing with the near tearful, “I wanna help!” “Can I push the cart?” “I’m huuunngry” — is something you can’t put a price on. (Good, huh?)

Once she’s outfitted with a few reads (NO sticker books – this is important), her only concern is finding all “the ladies.” You know … THE LADIES. Grandmotherly women in hairnets, offering up tasty afternoon snacks to all good boys and girls. And maybe, if she’s lucky, MP and I will end the excursion by sharing a $1.50 Costco Meal Deal for lunch.

Mama lives large.

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