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Here’s my contribution to Make Me Laugh Monday … if this isn’t good for a guffaw, something’s terribly wrong.



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Because You Can Never Hear Too Many Fart Jokes

A most excellent fart post yesterday by PJMomma included this clip from the Canadian Idol auditions. Naturally, I had to steal it.

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A New Level of Sophistication

Tonight, MP’s sense of humor reached a new level of sophistication, which in all honesty, blows me away. This is totally going to sound like I made it up, but I swear it’s ALL true.

About an hour ago, I left her in the tub for a few minutes to quickly wash my face in the second bathroom. I had just dried off with the towel when I heard Naked Girl padding down the hall. (Nothing new – this happens about three times a week – she thinks it’s a RIOT …) She appeared, dripping wet and shivering.

“Mommy, I’m scaaared.”

“Why are you scared?”

“Because I heard a noiiise …”

“What did it sound like?”

“Uh, it sounded … like …”

She bent over.

Stuck her tush out.

And with a gleam in her eye …


A high-pitched, squeaky (or should I say cheeky) little number.


The thing is, it sounded like a spooky, creaky door, which made it THAT much more hi-larious. I suppose the timing could have been purely coincidental, but of course, I prefer to believe I birthed a comedic prodigy. (Who wouldn’t?!?) Either way, the two of us howled with laughter.

That kid cracks me up.

I suppose I should have more clearly explained my definition of “sophisticated humor.”


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