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Shake Your Baby Maker

How’s this for hours of wholesome fun?

The Baby Mama movie site has a Baby Maker. And instead of cookin’ for nine months, this one only takes nine seconds. Pair that with one Bona Fide Gimmick Sucker, yours truly, and you’ll see endless Mommypie hours magically vanish.

I came up with a few options in my quest for the perfect virtual baby.

Musical talent is a desirable trait, yes? I picked the guy from Flight of the Conchords as my first choice Virtual Sperminator. I find him oddly attractive. (Love that accent.) And oddly funny.

Our child, however, is just .. odd.

With that black and blueness, it looks like our little band geek is already well on his way to regularly getting his arse kicked.

Moving on to choice two.

What red-blooded woman can resist the bad boy? Not only does Lazy Town‘s Robbie Rotten have the whole exotic Icelandic thing goin’ on, he’s the baddest of the bad. And so nimble.

And together we have created Leatherface.

Choice number three. David Duchovny. Because he’s hot, he’s talented, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic. He’s Mulder.

Did I mention he’s hot?

And our virtual child?

The poor kid looks like a frostbitten Revolutionary soldier straight from the pages of a Time Life book. Let’s hope he’s funny.

Clearly there’s one choice left.

Mommypie luvs Bossy.


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Wrong Cathouse, Paris


Paris Hilton’s BAAACCK!

Honey, just tell her to go home.

She won’t LEAVE and she smells like cough syrup.

Just explain she’s at the wrong house again.

I TRIED! She just keeps saying, “that’s hot.”


Uh, Mommy? Mrs. Cat doesn’t look very happy …


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The Poll, The Poll!

Look! Look! Up there — in the right hand corner!

You have no idea how proud of myself I am! After nearly going insane, I was able to backdoor the completely jacked-up WordPress system and figure out a way to make my very own poll! Yippee!

So here’s the deal … you take the poll, then leave a comment on the poll site, telling me what SITC character you’re like (make sure to leave your URL), and I’ll randomly pick a few people to transform through the magic of Photoshop. My gift to you. Just think of the fabulous screen saver it’ll make! (Personally, I’m diggin’ myself with long Carrie hair …)

Don’t worry if you already took it yesterday — go ahead and do it again! I’ll leave the button up all month, and then display the results, along with the new blogalicious cast, May 30.

I’m so excited, I think I peed a little.

I’m even thinking I’ll give it a shot with a new and different cast each month!

Yeah, I know. I so need to get out more.


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Sex in the City Countdown!

Ms. Single Mama alerted me to the news that the Sex in the City movie is coming out MAY 30!


The trailer gives a lot away, but after doing a little research, I’ve learned a small detail you may or may not have heard about. Someone dies. What?!? My money’s on Big. (Which, sadly, would be eerily similar to my life …)

I’ve wanted to try out a poll widget and thought this would be as good a topic as any to give her a test run. I REALLY wanted to place it over in the sidebar to run all month, but am quickly finding out WordPress sucks widgety eggs.

So, after HOURS of hair-pulling, I’ve learned that for the time being, all I can do is incorporate a lame link:

Yippee! The Sex in the City movie opens MAY 30! What character is most like you?
( surveys)

In the meantime, just in case the poll DOESN’T work, which is entirely possible, leave a comment as well so we can all revel in the return of the ladies!

If you need a character refresher, you can check out HBO’s cast page. And since I’m all about equal opportunity, I included some of the SITC men in the poll, if you happen to not be a member of the fairer sex. (Or, if you are a member of the fairer sex, but identify more with one of the dudes.)

What character most closely resembles you? If you were a character from Sex in the City, which one would you be?

(In case you missed the link the first time, here it is again. C’mon, take the poll. Everyone’s doing it …)

Yippee! The Sex in the City movie opens MAY 30! What character is most like you?
( surveys)

As for me, I’d have to say Carrie (Ahem. Hellooo, she IS the star.), with a little Samantha for good measure.

I’m fairly certain they don’t enjoy the GPs as much as I do though …


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Hoda Phone

While I’m at it, here’s another little nugget from the web. Chalk up yet another great thing I had no idea existed … Once again, everyone’s probably LIGHT years ahead of me, but it’s definitely good for a laugh.

Anyhoo, I learned about it this morning when I saw Jenny McCarthy promoting her site In The Motherhood on the Today Show. The idea … genius. And really really funny. Have a looksee.

hoda.jpgAnd on that Today Show note, I gotta ask … just exactly how much does Hoda Kotb despise Natalie Morales? From the looks Hoda’s launching lately, I’m guessing a WHOOOOLE bunch.

Holy daggers.

Hoda, Hoda, Hoda. A big shout out to you, girlfriend, for entertaining me each morning with those lame attempts to mask your TRUE feelings.

I’m just sayin’ … when the fur starts flyin’, you heard it here first.

Original image (without twit bubble) borrowed from these guys.


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