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More Wankers. Now With Nobs.

I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m thinking it was watching The Holiday for the bazillionth time the other night. And that smooth and easy-on-the-eyes Jude Law.

Or maybe it was MommyTime at Mommy’s Martini’s post yesterday about Jane Eyre. All that romancin’ on the misty moors and such.

And believe it or not, as I type this, I’m actually sitting here eating an English muffin. An English muffin, people. Well, my second English muffin. For dinner. All I need is some wine and a ciggie and voila! Bridget Jones.

Guessed it yet?

Yeah, Baby. I’m keepin’ the Wanker post goin’.

All your fantastic comments on Wanker One yesterday (not to mention additions to my urban dictionary) compel me to continue.

Auds at Barking Mad and her British hubs take the Comment Collaboration Cake though. And possibly win the Cutest Blogga Couple Award. And rather than risk you NOT scrolling down and reading their hilarious and highly informative comments, I think they merit a post all their very own.

In response to my call for British slang and profanities, here’s what Mr. Auds had to say:

This is Auds’ other ‘arf.

Have you ever considered the delightful lilt of the word “nob”? No? How about the phrase “you’re a right plonker!” (note: that’s right plonker, not left plonker).

Then, progressing upscale, we have the “dickhead”, the “tosser” and last, but not least, the “complete fuckwit”.

If I can think of any more, I’ll let you know.


Auds followed up with this:

I know my hubby (the Brit) will leave a comment as he was just chuffed to bits (see there’s another one! you never know where they will crop up) to see your post…and being that it made me smile, he was even keener to come out and say hello.

The thing about British slang is that A LOT of it only sounds good coming out of a Brit’s mouth. For instance, although I use it more than I should (and I know, I SHOULDN’T) I say f*ckwit when I’m really upset with other drivers…and it just sounds funny coming out of my very Yankee mouth, whereas with the hubby (who ONLY says it when steam is coming out his ears, seriously), it sounds completely normal.

Knackered – when you are really tired/exhausted.

Slag – some might call Britney this one. Paris Hilton also qualifies as does LiLo (Lohan).

Blimey – another one that should really only be said by a Brit or one who can do a passable job at sounding like one.

Arse – obvious enough

Salad dodger – an overweight person (probably not politically correct, but it’s still funny, especially considering I fit the term)

Scrummy – delicious!

Slapper – a ho bag – see slag above.

Pissed – drunk (the first time I went to the UK and was mildly intoxicated someone asked me if I was pissed and I said – “hardly!” thinking they meant, was I angry.

Have a bat in the cave – something I say to the little imp when she has boogers after a cold – “come here Impish one, let me get the bats outta your cave!”

There are tons more but not that I can think of off the top of my head.

Great post. Thanks for the smiles….I really needed it!


Love it.

And the topper? Check this awesomeness out. Even MORE wankage. If you feel ambitious … or just aimless … take a looksie and share your translation.

Oh, I’m having fun.

Image borrowed from this guy.


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