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Linka the Moment: Spider Bills

Tonight I fully intended on posting Part Three of The Proposal Chronicles. Somehow though, it got to be 2:15 a.m. and my brain, she’s on lockdown. Shooting for tomorrow night.

In THAT post’s place, let me entertain you with Linka the Moment … I’m so trying this with Verizon. And I totally want this guy to be my Facebook friend.

Thanks to Andi at A Thousand Miles From the Place I Was Born, my REAL Facebook friend, who posted this link and made me HOWL.


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You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons.

I am a hand whore. For some, it’s a good back scratch. For others, it’s having their feet rubbed. For me, it’s having my hands massaged.

Which is why this makes me laugh. (Make sure you turn up the volume.)

I confess. I totally make people touch my hands for stupid reasons.


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