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Look who made USA TODAY.


True story. Yesterday, Swap Mamas made USA TODAY! (Holy awkward sentence.) A day later and I’m STILL geeking out.

Yippeeee! Check it out HERE.


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Tissue please.

So yeah. It’s winter.


Thanks MSNBC, for pointing it out.


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Boosting my IQ while MP naps.

Watching CNN during MP’s SORELY NEEDED nap, I learned a few things, just from the news ticker.

THIS nipple cream is bad for nursing babies. REALLY bad.

Speaking of babies …

Communists are big fat ones. Members of Russia’s Communist Party are calling for a nationwide boycott of the new Indiana Jones movie, saying it “aims to undermine communist ideology and distort history.” They even went so far as to warn it could provoke another cold war.

It’s a MOVIE, people. A MO. VIE.

Speaking of ridiculousness …

The whole gas thing. It stinks. The nationwide average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rose to $3.875 today. Retail gas prices are up nearly 10% from a JUST A MONTH AGO and have climbed more than 20% in the last 12 months.

There’s gotta be a better way.

AND, McMommy Twittered, Tweeted, Twatted (that was for you Foolery) that Obama Tweets. Just trying to imagine what THAT would look like.

“Hillary can suck it. I am SO winning this thing.”

“Practicing my dance moves for Inaugural Ball. I loves me some Running Man.” (Oh, pleeese click on that link. It made my night.)

“Sh*t. The dog pooped in the Change Tour Bus. AGAIN.”

Yeah. Think I’ll check it out …

Speaking of commies (waaay back there) …

MP’s response when I woke her up?


Aye aye, Cap’n.


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DJ Santa and the Funky Bunch

I mentioned a few posts ago I had a radio interview yesterday morning — my first ever. I wasn’t too worried about it considering the size of the town I live in (smallish to medium). I was fully expecting something akin to the Alec Baldwin SNL Schweddy Balls sketch.

Haven’t seen it? Oh, it’s a must. Take a minute. I’ll wait.


So, where was I? Oh yeah … driving like a bat outta hell, MP and I made it to school with literally no time to spare. We’d gone over the familiar, “no diddle dawdling with good-byes because Mommy is really REALLY late” protocol in the car, so she was prepared for my abrupt departure. (If you haven’t gotten it by now, “Late” is a lifestyle at the Pie House.) The drop off was made in record time and I arrived at the studio by 7:30 a.m., adrenaline the only thing keeping me awake.

Because I stay up all night and BLOG. It’s unnatural.

Anyhoo, you know how you generate an image of someone in your mind before actually meeting them? I’m NEVER close. I knew my host’s name was George and that he was a larger man, so naturally, it stuck in my head that I’d be chatting with George Foreman.

After standing outside for an eternity, waiting for George to cut to commercial, I was finally buzzed in. The person on the other side of the door was in fact, NOT a large Black boxer; NOT the inventor of the AMAZING grill that bears his name; but Surly Hippie Santa Clause DJ instead.

After just a few minutes of off-air chit-chat, the headphones go on and Hippie Santa DJ introduces me to the world. I’m there to talk about a pretty big Women’s Conference my company is sponsoring next week, so naturally, I want to tout the benefits of registering, right?

I do manage to get in some key points, but I’ve been warned George likes to get tangental. (In case you’re new, I enjoy making up words.) He doesn’t disappoint.

Somehow we wind up talking about men who wear ladies shoes.

“I think they’re called … pumps? Is that right?”

“Mmm hmm. Very painful. Not good for an ALL-DAY CONFERENCE, like the one on May 21.

“I don’t even know where someone would GET a size 12 pump …”

“Well George, I’m sure there are lots of sites on the web that cater to men interested in wearing pumps.”

I can see he’s kind of liking this pump wearing idea. At this point I’m thinking,

a. Get this guy on point.

b. Don’t forget to mention sponsors.

c. How many greasy heads have these earphones I’m wearing actually BEEN on?? Eww eww eww!”

Don Imus dropped by, made himself at home, and started popping off about women’s basketball. I think he was confused about the topic, Women in Business.

Then Howard Stern showed up and added to the confusion.

He was totally inappropriate.

And we were WAAAY off topic.


Pre-Photoshopped Howard Stern photo credit AP Photo.


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Hoda Phone

While I’m at it, here’s another little nugget from the web. Chalk up yet another great thing I had no idea existed … Once again, everyone’s probably LIGHT years ahead of me, but it’s definitely good for a laugh.

Anyhoo, I learned about it this morning when I saw Jenny McCarthy promoting her site In The Motherhood on the Today Show. The idea … genius. And really really funny. Have a looksee.

hoda.jpgAnd on that Today Show note, I gotta ask … just exactly how much does Hoda Kotb despise Natalie Morales? From the looks Hoda’s launching lately, I’m guessing a WHOOOOLE bunch.

Holy daggers.

Hoda, Hoda, Hoda. A big shout out to you, girlfriend, for entertaining me each morning with those lame attempts to mask your TRUE feelings.

I’m just sayin’ … when the fur starts flyin’, you heard it here first.

Original image (without twit bubble) borrowed from these guys.


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The Best Jobs for Single Parents

There’s no doubt about it – most single parents need to be somewhat creative with the daily balancing act. When it comes to career, the tradeoff between flexibility and salary is a hugely important consideration. I myself, made the decision a few years back to move out of the city (out of the state) and back to my hometown, knowing it was the best environment to raise MP. In doing so, I effectively cut my salary by 40k.

I ain’t gonna lie. It hurt.

But the tradeoff allows me to work four days a week instead of five. And spending more time with MP has always been the primary objective. At her age, she doesn’t recognize the ‘Haves’ from the ‘Have-nots.’ Or the Sneetches on the Beaches. It would be wonderful if her eyes could forever remain blind to the difference. I know chances of that are slim, but for now, having us fall somewhere in the middle is just fine.


After all, the future’s wide open.

In the meantime, I’m always on the lookout for ways to generate supplemental income. With that in mind, here’s a job I thought might be kind of cool for adventuresome single moms and dads. (Don’t laugh – I heard about it on the John Tesh Radio Network. I know, I know …) Could be a great way to show the kids the country, take a little vacation, earn some air miles and make some money!

And if you haven’t seen this already (The Best Jobs for Single Parents), you might find it interesting. I thought it was another thing worth sharing.

Just passin’ it on …


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It’s On

Because I’m a being a political junkie today … enjoy the race!

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