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The spy who loved me.

MP’s love of dress-up is well documented. Sometime in the final week of school, she decided she MUST dress as a spy.

She made a checklist and before bounding into bed, instructed me to find specific Spy Items for the outfit she had planned for the morning — emphasizing their utmost importance if she was to be believed as a true Secret Agent.

√ 1. A spy wears Dark Glasses.

√ 2. A spy carries an Umbrella.

√ 3. A spy only Wears Black.

√ 4. A spy wears a Floppy Hat.

The Secret Agent was a hit. Seems everyone wanted to play “Spies” at recess for days.

Later that week, Miss MP graduated from kindergarten. After assembling with her class at the front of the school gym, the group began singing the special song they had practiced diligently day and night.

Sung to the tune I’m a Little Teapot:

“I’m a little graduate

Aren’t you proud of me

I learned my numbers and my ABCs …

MP, however, covered her face and all that practicing hightailed it to the nearest exit.

The child. She is an enigma.


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These days, life’s a trip.

Last week, in a stroke of pure luck and amazing generosity on the part of Ning (the platform Swap Mamas is on), I was sent to the mega-conference, South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. If you haven’t heard of it (and I hadn’t until last month), it’s HUGE. Its focus is on the Interactive, Music and Film communities — I went for the Interactive part and what a FANTASTIC time.

[Yeah, I have no idea how that happened.]

I made some great contacts, met some people from the Blogosphere I’ve always wanted to meet, and came home with a crap ton of awesome swag. The t-shirts alone nearly put my bag over the 50 lbs limit on the return flight home. (Seriously.)

I heart this one.

I snagged this, literally HOURS after telling my travel companion, Wendy from (check it out — it’s destined to be a super great resource for parents), I was going to make an I Heart Geeks shirt, because I’d never seen one, and well, I heart Geeks. Ahhh, serendipity.

This one, I’m not sure about.

Don’t know what the company does, but … apparently they won’t screw you. Which is either good or bad, depending.

And my fave.

Cheeky Monkey.

Oh yeah, another new thing I came home with?

Actually, I realize you can’t see it very well in this pic, but that little DOT on my nose? A nose ring. Truth is, I’ve wanted to pierce my nose for at least 20 years. And when Wendy dragged me to Dandyland, one of Austin’s finest tattoo shops, I threw caution to the wind and just did it. She came home with her third tattoo. I came home with a little bling and a whole lot of pain. (Yeah, they don’t pierce with a gun like in the olden days — it’s aaalll freehand, with a giant needle, Baybee. And hurts like a muther.)

So the jury’s still out … I’m told if I decide I don’t like it, I can take it out within the first few weeks and it won’t leave a mark. I really DO like it, but honestly, I don’t know if I can handle the maintenance, and the whole nose blowing hassle. But I DID it. After 20 years, I DID it!

I asked my piercer if I was being ridiculous, doing this at my age. He told me that just the night before he’d pierced the bellybutton of a 78-year-old woman, so no. I kinda love that.

So I came home with a lot, but sadly, missed a big event …

MP lost her second front tooth! (Did I mention she turned SIX a few weeks ago?!?) When she smiles her newly acquired gaping grin, my heart swells with love. All at once, she looks so grown up. And she has this happy little demon/goofy hillbilly thing going on.

I kinda love that too.


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Fairies and glitter, take two.

So, fairies. We’re big into ’em at The Pie House. Not to mention friendly giants (you can see them sleeping, carved into the mountainside overlooking our house), pots of gold, and all things magical and mystical.

Which brings me to Saturday, and the loss of MP’s second baby tooth. This meant another visit from the Tooth Fairy Saturday night, complete with more bedsheets dusted with silver glitter, and eight shiny quarters placed carefully under her pillow. (I lay down beside her and studied that tiny, beautiful face for what must have been 40 minutes, marveling at how quickly she was growing. She looks so much like her father when she sleeps.)

Sunday, there were many speculations about the Tooth Fairy. Like, when did she sleep? If she had to be in CHINA during the day, and HERE at night, that made no sense. Maybe fairies just DON’T sleep. And was there a fairy exclusively for boys and one for girls? And where did she/they live? MP thinks perhaps it’s in OUR house. Apparently, she hangs out with the Dog Fairy. That would be the one that rides Rosie’s tail and makes her chase it.

The fairy fascination has been around for a few years now and blossomed this summer during our last humid weeks in Connecticut. Fairy House hunting yielded the following results:

That last one? I like to think of it as the ZZ Top House of Fairies.

So where DO fairies live in the winter? Snow Huts? Igloos? Unless they follow the Fairy Elderly and hightail it to Florida, methinks I’ve got my work cut out.


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Of kindergarten, superheros and apple bees.

Holy crap.


It’s clear I’ve been one ginormous phlegmy snot ball of blog suckage. (Colorful AND literal, Mommypie.) It’s been nearly three weeks now of congested, sleep-deprived walking deadness, and I’m close to actually turning the old “turkey-baster up the nose” fantasy into reality.

Whatever. Don’t pretend you’ve never thought about it.

So, I’ve been absent in the blogosphere. Blame it on life. Starting a business. Relationship weirdness. Physical sickness. Sheer lack of time. The thing that REALLY bums me out though, is that I’ve failed to properly document the multitude of momentous happenings in the lightning fast life of MP these past six months.

Like reading her first book, cover to cover, all by herself. Green Eggs and Ham RULES.

The excitement of the first day of kindergarten.

And the day she came running into the house because she discovered this amazing sight.


That night it snowed, and the apples, along with the bees, froze.

Then, Halloween. Is it wrong that I nearly burst with pride, when, for the second year in a row, MP passed over the princess costumes in favor of superhero garb? Last year, Bat Girl. This year, Super Girl. Next year, Oprah? We don’t need no stinkin’ tiaras!

I even failed to get photos of the pumpkins. Which didn’t get carved until Nov. 1. Throwing a couple wigs on each one and calling it a day is apparently only funny for a few weeks.

And then there was the week she came down with the Swine Flu. Which, amazingly, thankfully, MP, my little Asthma-Baby, bounced back from in a matter of days.

And our fox. Who visited throughout the summer and fall, nearly every morning and every night like clockwork. Calm and completely devoid of fear, she’d sit under an apple tree and watch as we went about our business. (I love living here.)


And, arguably, the biggest event of the past few months … MP losing her first tooth. I DID record the first one. Now, the second tooth is loose and primed for the Tooth Fairy’s second visit. I give it two weeks at the most.

It all goes so fast. Today, as I sorted through her outgrown clothes, I couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit of sadness. Any worry I had about her childhood passing too quickly, however, all but vanished as I exited her room.

And saw a giant booger smeared on the hallway wall.



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Scenes from a Proposal: The Boy

If you’ve had just about enough of the PROPOSAL talk, I suggest you check back later in the week.

‘Cause it ain’t gonna stop. I can’t help it.

And because I wanted to know what the day was like for him, I asked The Boy to write a post about last Tuesday. What follows is the way HE experienced the proposal. Two hours ahead of me and 2,300 miles away.


I never imagined the day that I would witness an almost 5-year-old beat the daylights out of a couple of grown-ups in the game … er … sport of bowling. Yeah, the bumpers were up, and yeah, the “almost 5-year-old” (that would be MP) used ‘em. But so did the “grown-ups.” I didn’t think it could happen. Then again, a few months with Mommypie proved to me that a lot of things I never thought could happen, already have.

If I take step back and look at my life over the last 12 months + 2 weeks, I feel as though, had I been paying attention, I could have watched the stars align. What was phenomenally bad luck 12 months ago, in fact created a nearly perfect stage for what has happened and what will follow. Some say everything happens for a reason, some call it destiny. I think it just might be simple 1st grade math. 1+1=2, and 2 is greater than 1. Its just a matter of finding the right “one.”

I, yes I, found the right 1. And a few days ago asked her to MARRY ME. I’d be glad to tell you all about it, but I have a funny feeling you already know. What you don’t know is the flat tire, dead battery, no AAA, helpless feeling that I had all day and evening on that long day.

Marcy from The Glamorous Life had created “Thenotsofirsteverbutsinglegreatestbiggestandmostfun” Wedding Proposal Ever, and Mommypie’s Mommy had positioned the ring. Everything was in place. Except Mommypie, who was blissfully clueless. The text messages between us that day prove just HOW clueless. (Keep in mind I’m on the East Coast — two hours ahead of Mommypie.)

Me: 10:50 a.m. EST – Crocus flowers opened today. Its going to be a great day!

If you only knew how great. HA!

Her: 10:55 a.m. EST – I love it. It WILL be a great day. ILY

Her: 4:09 p.m. – Just ran into your dad at Columbo’s and had a nice little chat.

Crap, dad knows I’m proposing! And he can’t shut up!

Her: 4:56 p.m. – God I love you.

Me: 4:58 p.m. – Me too. Where are you?

Her: 4:59 p.m. — In the car headed to a coffee shop close to MP.

She could find the proposal any minute. Which means I need to finish my work, get my arse inside and onto the computer and pay attention.

Her: 5:51 p.m. 20 members so far today! Woo Hoo!

Whew, caaluewwwww-less!

Me 5:52 p.m. – Giddy-up

Me 8:36 p.m. – Pa Pie! Heh heh, you will get it eventually. Mean time, everyone is waiting.

Ok, time to at least make her think something is up.

Her: 8:38 p.m. – Wha? I’m home. Going to eat a little then home. Xoxoxo Mysterio!

Me: 8:41 p.m. – Then home? Are you at your mom’s?

Her: 8:42 p.m. – Yup just for a bit.

Cool. I have a minute to respond to all these FB notifications, and text messages!

Me to Mommypie’s Mommy: 8:44 p.m. – Please kick her out of your house.

Mommypie’s Mom: 8:45 p.m. – SHE JUST LEFT.

FYI, Mommypie’s Mommy had no idea what was happening. At this point the Blogosphere is going nuts, and I’m perfectly happy. I know her routine. Time to sit back, watch and enjoy everyone else’s anticipation.

Me: 9:34 p.m. – Go here. (Tiny Url forwarded from Marcy.) We can’t wait anymore.

Her: 9:37 p.m. – Wha? That link goes nowhere.

Crap. Call Marcy.

Me: 9:38 p.m. – Go read a blog.

Yeah, I was getting impatient. Only because everyone else was rattling the bars on the cage and threatening to tip over the Internet.

Me: 9:55 p.m. – Any blog.

Ok Bloglidites get her here! Its out of my hands now! And my patience is up.


Yup. At the exact minute my ship came in, I was yelling at my airport.

Her on the Proposal Blog: 9:55 p.m. – OH. MY. GOD. I really should be leaving some hugely profound comment here, knowing this post will be recorded and kept forever, but all I can come up with is … YES. YES. YES!!! If I could get the letters any bigger I would! If there were audio, you’d hear me laughing. If there were video, you’d see me smiling from ear to ear. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU Dave. Yep. Soulmate.

Me: 10:35 p.m. — To my very own mother – SHE SAID YES! THREE TIMES!

Me: At this very second – Yup. Soulmate.

And … as Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story.


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Scenes from a Proposal: The Mastermind

Tuesday wouldn’t have happened the way it did without the awe-inspiring talents of Marcy of The Glamorous Life Association. If you don’t already read her, you need to start. She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s funny. And she’s one of my favorite bloggers.

Apparently, however, I need to do a better job leaving comments. After all was said and done Tuesday night, Marcy was afraid I didn’t know who she was.

I told her to put down the crack pipe.

And then professed my undying love.

And promised an open bar at the wedding. (Which, turns out, The Boy was already all over.)

We bloggers are a funny bunch.

So, I thought it important to share Marcy’s take on the events leading up to the Big Question. What follows is the email she sent late Tuesday night. The email that made The Boy cry. The email I will keep forever.

Hi there!

I have to say this first. I have a feeling when this all went down- you might have been thinking….”Marcy who?” I know you read me occasionally and I have commented a little on your blog. I think you and I emailed about the use of name/URL and Anonymous comment option at one point too. But I know that…I am hardly one of your closest and dearest blogger friends. I just wanna get that out there. So you don’t feel bad. Or creeped out. Or bad AND creeped out.

I left the original comment about ‘hey why don’t you propose on my blog’….when I was just trying to be funny. Which is pretty much every waking moment for me. I have a hard time at funerals. But that is another story…..

I was surprised when The Boy emailed me. I was thrilled…but surprised. And mostly I was honored. I felt honored to participate in such a life changing event. I never had the heart to tell him that, well….”Mommypie probably doesn’t even really know me.”….so I just ran with it.

We e-mailed every single day for about a month. Sometimes, many many times a day. And it was not long before I was totally charmed by him. Killer sense of humor. You are so lucky. Not to mention….hubba, hubba…he is a major hunk. (okay now THAT was creepy. Sorry). We talked about when, and how. And if he should be there or not. And how the heck we would get you to read my blog at a specific time!

As the e-mails progressed I learned more about him (like he is a dad, a woodworking guy, etc.) and about you. And I loved it. And then the job thing. Oh crap the job thing. He was on the phone to you and typing to me that we had to move the proposal up by several weeks. He wanted it now! SO I had to hussle and really get my ‘campaign’ in motion. I sent hundreds of emails….all personal pleas to people to participate. But the hard part was keeping it a secret……which I did until yesterday. Yesterday the whole frickin Internet KNEW. And to my surprise NO ONE told you. We all love a surprise I guess.

I came up with the linky idea (which I think took about 900 e-mails to get The Boy to understand the whole plan) and of course the Proposal 2.0 blog. Once I changed my header design and format- and he was not having it….and wanted it changed back…’cuz Mommypie will like it better’. Which was just adorable.

We chatted about the ring. He told me you wanted tattoo rings. And I told him…”she is just letting you off easy. Get her a ring. Any ring. She will love it” And I hope I was right. He sent me photos of rings and I sent him ones I had found too…..we were BFFs for a few weeks. The Engagement Planners (mmm, Lifetime movie of the week perhaps?).

I begged him for a photo. On bended knee with the ring. In a tie. And he tried. I mean, I think he tried….but it just didn’t feel right to him. So in the end we went with the check-out-how-serious-I-love-this-wood-table-photo he already had. Did you notice the hat? It says ‘The Boy.” Yeah I had fun with that.

So the day came. I posted it the night before actually. And for some reason…The Boy’s Internet wouldn’t allow him into my site! Oh it was crazy. I think we sent like 20 emails just that night back and forth. He was on the phone with you for most of it……and then yesterday.

He CALLED me (first time ever) in a panic about the ring. It didn’t fit in the mailbox and I almost died laughing that it was now waiting under a laundry pile. SO GLAMOROUS. I didn’t want you to come to my site until I had at least 40 links. I wanted you to really see that this was a big deal (it has done so well, even I am impressed! Up to 80 right now), and then the play by play started. “She is going to cafe with wireless.” “She is picking up MP. Its snowing.” “She is giving MP bath.” “She is eating at her moms! WTF!!!”…we were going INSANE. I went to your blog and left a comment….Finally I sent the email asking you to participate in Mr. Linky – and made it look like it went to loads of people….but even THAT didn’t work! So I sent The Boy a tinyurl for my site – which as you know by now he texted it to you…and you looked and said “I don’t get it”……ARRGGGHHHH! I was going insane and my phone was ringing off the hook. I was getting emails every minute from people wanting to KNOW!!!!!! When MY MOM called me asking if you read it yet…I almost fell out of my chair. Even my kids were asking for updates every 10 seconds. Oh it was TENSE.

Finally, thank God – finally YOU. READ. IT.

And here we are.

And there you are.

I was really happy to do this for you. You both seem like good, nice, normal people. And mostly I did it because you are being brave. You are taking a chance. You are swimming up stream and believing in LOVE and your own judgment. And those are things that I can get behind.

Well, I did it for those reasons and The Boy promised me an open bar at the wedding.
FYI. I have saved all of The Boy’s emails. So if you ever want them……for your grandchildren or something….let me know!!!!


Heh. She thinks we’re normal people.


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This I know is true.

This morning I awoke knowing one thing.

One. True. Thing.

The Blogosphere is tighter-lipped than a submarine full of government spooks. With Tourette’s. Wait. What?

(Yeah, I don’t know. It DOES paint a funny picture, though, right? Maybe it’s just me. Meh, roll with it.)

Three short months ago, the planets aligned and delivered me The Boy. Last night, once again, fate knocked on my door.

Scratch that. Fate SHOOK Bloggywood, rattling and rolling until Mommypie finally …




Had I known there was an actual REASON to fold laundry, I’d have tackled the permanent pile on the chair long ago. This, coming from the girl who, just one year ago, wrote THIS defining post …

Will wonders never cease?

If you’re as speechless as I have been all day, and have no idea what I’m talking about, you really should begin HERE — read through the entire post and click the link at the end — and you’ll see how it all went down.

I am dumbfounded. Awestruck. And feeling so incredibly blessed to have found my perfect match.

The Boy? Let’s just say you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. (Oh yeah, And Pa Pie? The broom in the photo above is merely a prop. I had no mop. And no bucket. Or ball or chain.)

As for details … tomorrow, I promise. For now, I’m gonna sit here in this coffee shop, sip my chai, watch the snow come down and fixate on my ring finger.

Life is sweet.


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What? Exploding Laundry?

I’ve been a very bad blogger. Between The Boy’s visit, Swap Mamas — which I’m OBSESSED with, btw — my town literally EXPLODING, and MP’s 5th birthday … sadly, the old blog has gotten the short end of the stick.

I figure the best way to catch up is a laundry list. Which brings me to:

1. The Boy. The yummy, lovely Boy. He folded my laundry. He fixed BOTH my toilets. He fixed Grammy’s sad front door, which has been held shut by an old screwdriver the past few weeks.



Oh yeah. He played with MP. Willingly played with dolls.


The Boy even taught her a new game. Mardi Gras House.


Wait. Isn’t that a reality show?

Although admittedly, both of us were perfectly content to stay home and hang out, we DID take a few nights to ourselves.

Remember the pharmacist Grammy was dead set on fixing me up with? We ran into him at one of downtown’s popular pubs. (We all went to high school together, the pharmacist was a class ahead. Small town. Yadda yadda.) He parked himself at our table for a good 45 minutes and DIDN’T. SHUT. UP. He talked SO much, he didn’t even notice when The Boy smiled and texted me the following:


Later, at another bar, sitting side by side, *I* didn’t even notice when The Boy texted me.




Seven days of The Boy, and not once was I ready for him to go home. Given the fact I’ve lived alone for nearly 15 years, trust me, this is no minor detail. When he left, I cried.

And now, in a complete change of direction, it’s looking like The Boy will be back this summer.

For good.

Unbelievably, he’s decided to pack up and move back home. Granted, there are some pretty major things that need to be worked out before the moving truck arrives, but it feels RIGHT. It feels good. It feels like it’s meant to be.

Oy. I’ve blathered on and on, and now it’s 1:30 in the morning. Mommypie’s gotta catch some zzzzzs — falling asleep at my desk every day is becoming a dangerous habit. The laundry list, like the laundry pile parked on my couch, will have to wait ’til tomorrow.

In bed at one thirty? THAT’s discipline, People.


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Because really. Is there anything better than AI and Checkers?

So …


He arrived at 1:00 this afternoon, it’s now 9:30 and so far, so good. Okay, so far, so FANTASTIC. We’ve already been to Costco together, gone out for a romantic fast-food taco lunch, had a little nap, toured MP’s preschool, eaten pizza with Grammy and Poppy, entertained ourselves with American Idol, and as I write this, he and MP are engaged in a rousing game of Checkers.

Ah, bliss …


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Swap Mamas goes LIVE!

Okay, this is it. I’m unveiling my second baby. The reason I’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the planet these past few months.



I’m telling the economy to SUCK IT. Won’t you join me? I would be thrilled beyond belief if you stopped by SwapMamas, became a member (it’s FREE!), and helped me spread the word.

I’ve seen the amazing good that can happen when mamas come together — the possibilities are endless.


And while you’re at it, if you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to follow me at — I promise to follow you back!

Can’t wait to see you there!


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