Surely they remember my sense of humor …

I sent this card to two people this week.

I haven’t heard back from either.

Perhaps a follow-up card is needed? {This one I wrote myself.}

I think the hors d’oeuvres tray makes it all better.


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9 responses to “Surely they remember my sense of humor …

  1. Works for me! Even though, you know, we’re no longer sleeping together and stuff. 😉

  2. Ahem. You have two people that you no longer sleep with? And you still talk to them?!? How do you do it? Ohhhh, right; the deli tray!

  3. LOL…I was thinking about the whole “sleeping with two people” thing, too.

    It’s okay…I don’t judge.


  4. LOLOLOL. Love me some ecards;) And what Foolery said….

  5. I think the first one was fine, but just in case it wasn’t (how DARE they take it the “wrong” way)… the second one is equally hilarious. Not that you need my approval or anything.

  6. bigskylifecoach

    I think you could go into the greeting card business too:)

  7. My favorite go-to birthday card from someecards states that you’re only as old as you feel while getting wildly fucked. I have yet to hear back from a single recipient. Has that stopped me from sending it? What do YOU think?

  8. I would have written you back after the first card but that is just my warped sense of humor. I found from swap mamas, I’ll be back!

  9. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing and for the laugh.

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