April Foolery

The delight MP took in April Fool’s Day this year has me smiling from ear to ear.

She started a day early, without warning, telling me I had a spider in my ear. She was so convincing, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Later, she spent the night telling me all the jokes she was going to play on her friends. The kid could barely contain herself.

Fast forward 12 hours to early this morning. I awake to the sound of her running to the bathroom.


“What.” Eyes closed. Dazed.


“What??” Eyes open. Half awake.


Heavy sigh. Awake.

Dragging myself out of bed, I find MP sitting on the potty. Smiling.

“APRIL FOOL’S!!! Heheheheheh”


Forty minutes later, she emerged from her room, dressed and ready to go to school. The best part of the outfit? The Gem Show “Dealer” badge and blue ribbon combo — a remnant of the rock show with Bobo last year at the fairgrounds. I hadn’t seen the thing since the day of the show.

“Oh. You’re going to wear the badge today?”

“Mmm hmmm. It’s an April Fool’s! Everyone will think I’m going to a science fair! Heheheheh.”

Rock that Geek Style, Girlfriend.


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3 responses to “April Foolery

  1. Okay…the whole “I had an accident” joke first thing in the morning is kinda brilliant, actually.

  2. She’s too smart for me.

  3. I’m sure that got your attention! Clever girl. I hope she brought you a cup of coffee after that (or maybe a vodka tonic)

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