Look out Martha. I gots me some Country Romance Points.

We’re getting chickens.

Technically, Grammy and MP are getting chickens, but we live within 500 feet of one another, so what’s Grammy’s is ours. (Yes, I am THAT neighbor.)

This isn’t an Easter thing — Grammy’s wanted chickens (and their eggs) forever, and this Christmas, Poppy finally surrendered and surprised her with a bale of wood shavings. So, seeing as spring is just around the corner, this past weekend the three of us drove just up the road (Not just ANY road. It’s dirt. Which earns Country Romance Points.) to the Chicken Lady’s house.

The chickens were absolutely lovely, and soft, and unbelievably docile. MP was charmed.

So was I … until she slipped in chicken poo, got up, and revealed a giant green skid mark up her leg. It took all the strength I had to let it go, when all I wanted to do was strip off her clothes and hose her down. It’ll be interesting to see how the OCD/Chicken Poo Combo shakes out. (I may need Foolery‘s help with this one.)

I foresee shoes. Lots of shoes.

Left on the front porch.



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10 responses to “Look out Martha. I gots me some Country Romance Points.

  1. I see hip waders and antibacterial soap in your future, too.

  2. bigskylifecoach

    LMAO!! We are getting chickens soon too….along with a newly planted garden, I figured they would go hand in hand….a place to drop the poo. I think that one is going to be added to the kids chore list:)

    SO CUTE…..Minus the poo!!!

  3. This might help – though even for me only a little – but bird poo is actually some of the “cleanest” poo on earth because they mostly eat veggies, grains and the occasional bugs. But I do recommend shoes specifically for chicken tending to be left on the porch. My mom has some lovely rubber clogs she uses. Also, wash any eggs you collect in antibacterial hand soap.

  4. Our subdivision followed the city’s lead and now will allow chickens in our neighborhood. After seeing the poo pix and learning that there are degrees of poo cleanliness (what the cluck?), I think the only chicken I’ll have around here is on the grill with some Sweet Baby Ray’s.

  5. Rick's Cafe

    Girls and their chickens….oh my!

  6. Just remember that everything washes off. Also, if you drop your gum in the chicken house, let it go. You may think you’ve found it five or six times, but trust me — let it go.

    And for bigskylifecoach, you must fence that new garden, or the chickens will eat your tomatoes. Not too much chicken poo right on the garden or you’ll burn your plants, too. Oh GAHHHH, I’m a chicken poo expert.

  7. Rick's Cafe

    Always suspected you had a secret life Foolery….Chicken Poo Expert – Too Funny!!

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