Now I’m REALLY a coding geek. Is good.

Seriously, WHERE do the days go?

I’ve been surviving on 4 hours of sleep, and I’m not complaining, but sheesh, I wish the tabloids would leave me alone. I swear I didn’t know Tiger was married.

Just checking.

My sleep deprivation isn’t nearly that scandalous, but it IS exciting. I’ve been teaching myself CSS and HTML this past year, and I’ve FINALLY figured out how to write code to clean up the Swap Mamas site design — go check it out! (It really was kind of a hot mess before.) Tell all your friends! Squeee!

Other than that, it’s been all about the Christmas Countdown and a seriously high Sugarplum-crazed 5-year-old. The tree is decorated, the Almond Roca eaten, and two hidden presents already found.

Oooh, and I DO have a fun and slightly crass giveaway for ma Doogs … I’ll post deets in the next few days. Goodness all around!


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8 responses to “Now I’m REALLY a coding geek. Is good.

  1. bigskylifecoach

    Love the new look of Swap Mamas! Sassy and smart!
    Great job, Darc, and squeezes to your sugar plum fairy…! Happy Holidays!

  2. Man, I know what you mean. I’ve been so crazy with the holiday madness, I haven’t even had time to call you skeevy on my blog yet. Don’t think I’ve forgotten, though. Oh, no. I may have been distracted by Dildo Helmets and terrible Dan Fogelberg songs, but I haven’t forgotten about you, Mommy Pie. My work here is not yet done.

  3. P.S. New site looks GREAT.

  4. You are a coding whiz! Love it all. Hugs to the wee sugarplum crazed one;)

  5. Love that kind of post !

  6. Okay, Mommypie it’s time for an update on this blog. Don’t make me start another blog squatting party!

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