Sit down, have some plaid.

I joined the hoards of Twilight Moms a few weeks ago and went to see New Moon. Like there was any question I’d miss it. Please.

And I’ll admit, since then, the re-emergence of my Edward Cullen obsession has been … troubling. Not only did I purchase the Twilight DVD so I could watch it the night before New Moon, I’ve watched it … oh … a good seven times since. The other day at Target, I caught myself pausing at a Twilight promotional endcap to fondle the Edward action figure.

Aaaannnd … admitting that makes me nauseous.

Don’t ask me to explain. I can’t. The screenplay leaves out major portions of the book. The acting sucks. I think it even got WORSE in New Moon. Kristen Stewart, in all her angsty-teen glory is 500 times more annoying this go around.

Which is why — HOOOLY HELL — when I saw this for the first time today, I howled.

[In homage to Jacob and the pack.]


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11 responses to “Sit down, have some plaid.

  1. don’t feel bad – I recently posted shirtless pictures of Jacob on my blog and am mentally counting down until he’s actually legal. That is shameful, my friend.

  2. I’ve been wondering who you moms are, the ones with the Edward crushes. Aha.

  3. I got sucked in by the books (ha! Punny!) but the first movie lost me because (1) it sucked and (b) it felt wrong to find a kid probably young enough to be my son so devastatingly sexy. I’m actually working on a post about this phenomenon right now. I hope you don’t mind that I’m probably going to call you skeevy.

  4. Cameraman chased by a badger. Heh heh. Funny.

  5. Tony18

    “Went up to Twin Peaks, killed Laura Palmer.”

    God, I miss that show.

  6. Kris

    I must agree, I do not think that Kristen Stewart really fit this role, she is irritating. I have seen New Moon twice with my daughter since it came out and I think besides everything that is missing from the books, this movie appears to be much more layed back and much less like a movie. I think this same director is on for the next movie as well, so I guess I can look foward to another disappointment when that one comes out.

  7. Maryann

    Actually this made me miss MST3K!
    one of the guy’s sounded like Tom Servo…i should check out more of their stuff.

    Badger and Twin Peaks References, ROCKED!

  8. Oh man, that totally made my night! Made me miss Mystery Science Theater. My husband doesn’t get why I still want to see New Moon even though I bitched about how bad the first movie was…

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