Tracking the elusive Thanksgiving Turkeypie.

Happy Thanksgiving, Doogs!



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5 responses to “Tracking the elusive Thanksgiving Turkeypie.

  1. Cutest photos EVER!

    Wow, you have way more snow than we do. I’m in north central Alberta, and we don’t really have snow yet.

    Happy USA Thanksgiving!

  2. She is too, too adorable. Leave her outside so you can freeze her at this stage!

  3. Is she not the MOST adorable turkey ever? Love these photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Rick's Cafe

    Wonder if a load of peppermints or choclate chip cookies works best when hunting this type of wild game?

  5. Who has a turkey costume?! Jeebus, woman, you two are something else. I wanna come live at YOUR house! 🙂

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