Fairies and glitter, take two.

So, fairies. We’re big into ’em at The Pie House. Not to mention friendly giants (you can see them sleeping, carved into the mountainside overlooking our house), pots of gold, and all things magical and mystical.

Which brings me to Saturday, and the loss of MP’s second baby tooth. This meant another visit from the Tooth Fairy Saturday night, complete with more bedsheets dusted with silver glitter, and eight shiny quarters placed carefully under her pillow. (I lay down beside her and studied that tiny, beautiful face for what must have been 40 minutes, marveling at how quickly she was growing. She looks so much like her father when she sleeps.)

Sunday, there were many speculations about the Tooth Fairy. Like, when did she sleep? If she had to be in CHINA during the day, and HERE at night, that made no sense. Maybe fairies just DON’T sleep. And was there a fairy exclusively for boys and one for girls? And where did she/they live? MP thinks perhaps it’s in OUR house. Apparently, she hangs out with the Dog Fairy. That would be the one that rides Rosie’s tail and makes her chase it.

The fairy fascination has been around for a few years now — and, fostered by a little creative collaboration between The Boy and me, blossomed this summer during our last humid weeks in Connecticut. Fairy House hunting yielded the following results:

That last one? I like to think of it as the ZZ Top House of Fairies.

So where DO fairies live in the winter? Snow Huts? Igloos? Unless they follow the Fairy Elderly and hightail it to Florida, methinks I’ve got my work cut out.



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8 responses to “Fairies and glitter, take two.

  1. Our tooth fairy days are over but I used to tell my little tooth-dropper that there were many tooth fairies and each had a section of the map to cover. I also told her that each tooth fairy had the special ability to turn herself into a grown person who resembles moms and dads, so that if the child wakes during the money drop, said child wouldn’t be scared. Covered my butt on one or two occasions 🙂

  2. Hel

    V.E.R.Y cute!

    How about those glass bricks that every man and his dog is putting lights in at Christmas time. You could just throw them out in the snow and cold and they would look like little ice houses. And if you are ultra obsessed – I know when I was a little girl that if anything had mini lights in it, I was in heaven.

  3. For those who still believe: http://www.iCaughtTheToothFairy.com

    Happy Holiday’s.

  4. Rick's Cafe

    Shucks, I wanna be a kid again…

  5. You must marry a man who makes fricki killer fairie houses in the woods.

    That is some magical love right there.
    Who needs a fairy when you got that?


  6. That’s so incredibly cute! It makes me want a little girl of my own. *sigh

  7. I love the last one made of ferns! For some reason it never occurred to me to make my own. We’ve made a couple fairy gardens in pots with small plants and picket fence and fairy doll that always ended up, disassembled, throughout the yard. But ferns– ferns I can handle. Thanks!

  8. That is so incredibly lovely I could cry. And dammit, Mommypie, I’m too crabby to cry.

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