The Tooth Fairy’s first visit to the Pie House.

Last night MP lost her first tooth. HER FIRST TOOTH!

I may or may not have played a role in it falling out …

“Oow, Mommy, you’re brushing too hard!”



“Did your tooth just come out?!?”

MP spit a wad of blood into her palm (‘atta girl!) and offered me its contents — a perfect pearly pink baby tooth that had been clinging to life by a few gummy threads for DAYS. It was time.

We jumped up and down and, in our PJs, ran to Grammy and Poppy’s in the dark.


We called Bobo and told him the news. We called Uncle Pauly and told HIM the news, too, cutting things short when he told MP the Tooth Fairy usually brought $50 for the first tooth.

“Mommy! Fifty DOLLARS!”


Turns out Uncle Pauly was wrong. Instead, this morning, MP awoke with silver fairy dust sprinkled in her hair and around her pillow, and a crisp TWO dollar bill under her pillow. Oh, and a small bag of jacks and a note from TTF herself.

And the wonder and joy of it all nearly made me cry.


Baby Pie’s growing up.


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11 responses to “The Tooth Fairy’s first visit to the Pie House.

  1. OMG she is so damn cute! Love the “soft focus” on the picture, makes it that much sweeter!

  2. Aww! I love the fairy dust! Our tooth fairy must have been too sleepy to be so creative. *sigh*

    Yay for baby pie! 🙂

  3. Aww, I remember those days! Congrats to MP on the lose of her first tooth! And tell Uncle Pauly to cough up the 50 bucks.

  4. You put so much thought into the tooth fairy, it is AWESOME! I love the $2 bill idea and the fairy dust. Seriously, you’re my vote for mom of the year. And Uncle Pauly definitely should cough up the $50. You could use it to treat yourself. 🙂 ~Susan

  5. Awwwww. Mayjah milestone! Hugs to you both;)

  6. When I lost my last tooth, I left the Tooth Fairy a note explaining that, since it was my last tooth and all, I really thought I should get more than the 50 cents I’d gotten for all the previous teeth. We had to consider INFLATION, after all. I really thought a dollar was a fair amount, and didn’t she agree?

    I left the note with my tooth and drifted off the sweet dreams of a crisp dollar bill waiting under my pillow for me to find the next morning.

    What I found instead was a dime. With a note BACK from the Tooth Fairy that said, “Dear Beej, I’m SO GLAD you understand about inflation, because I know you’ll understand that the rising costs of wand repair and fairy dust have put me in a tight spot, and all I can afford to leave you is this dime. Thanks for the tooth. Love, T.F.”

    I was not amused.

  7. P.S. Congrats to MP. First tooth is MAJOR!

  8. Rick's Cafe

    Nice touch with the fairy dust!
    As for the $50, what can you expect from an Uncle who probably wears bbbbbbrrrrrrrrriiiiiiieeeeeeeefffffffffsssssss.

  9. Wait fairy dust?? huh? We never get fairy dust??

    I sorta kinda reviewed a children’s book recently called:
    You think it’s easy being the tooth fairy?
    Google it, you’ll love it!

  10. Congrats to Little MP! And Mommypie, you are most definitely in the *in crowd* as far as Tooth Fairies go. They send the A-Team to your house. I suck, so I get Clarence the Angel’s drunken 2nd cousin who’s on double secret Tooth Fairy probation.

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