Mommypie in L.A.

So Doogs, last week took a bit of a surreal turn — Sony Electronics flew nine mommy bloggers, including yours truly, to LA for a little tete a tete.


Um, WHA?!?

Crazy but true. I have so much to tell you, it’s definitely gonna take a few days. I thought I’d start with a little sampling of my many, many celebrity sightings and brushes with greatness on the Sony Pictures Lot.


‘Memba him? Everybody Loves Raymond? Apparently he has a reality dating show now. (In his defense, the Mom Jeans don’t do him justice.)


Seven seconds later …


Holy Mamarazzi.

Then, unbelievably, one of my secret boyfriends cruised by.


You can’t tell, but his golf cart is made out of gold.

And here’s the guy who told us where we could find Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogan … but we didn’t hear it from him. *wink wink*


Clearly he’s unaware that bloggers ALSO have a hard time keeping their mouths shut.

No matter — no Cameron. No Seth. We DID see the new, top secret set of Jeopardy though. AND the set of a new Cher movie. Now, if only the two could somehow be combined … Alex Trebek in Bob Mackie … Ooohmommyblogger, THERE’s a show I’d watch. (The dream sequence potential ALONE is almost enough to make me break down and buy TiVO.)



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18 responses to “Mommypie in L.A.

  1. Okay I am jealous.

    Not of you.

    But of SONY.

    Cuz they got to hang out with you and I didn’t.


    And those famous people? They are just normal people without blogs.

  2. Finn

    you are too funny! Hey, have you put the picture of you and Max Baucus up on ebay? I bet you could get some money for that today.

  3. Finn

    silly me, i meant Swap Mammas : )

  4. Miss Cleo's Mom

    Benjamin Bratt????? Yummy.

  5. You are too funny Miss MommyPie, we’re hopeful some of the glitter you are awash in will rub off on us. In a cyber sort of way. Of course.

    Good for you on the trip, we feel even better about Sony than we already did, and that was pretty darn good!

    Smiles to you,

  6. Ha ha, love your photos and recap. We had so much fun. Can’t wait to read more. And I’m especially glad your very cool photo showcasing us from behind cut off most of my, well, behind.

  7. Your post is cracking me up! I love those photos, especially “The guy we didn’t hear it from.” OMG, great job. What a wonderful way to remember how much we laughed together! Miss you all!

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  9. I fall a little bit more in love with you every day.

    : )

    Mr. Kravitz was a stitch – and did you see Benjamin Bratt at the premiere? He was there with his kid, sporting the scraggliest Shaggy-style goatee.

    My box o stuff arrived this morning so I can finally charge everything and finally download all the pics and video. If I didn’t scrub it plugging everything into every available computer, every platform. I’m a freakin mess over here.

    Oh, and the monkey – I was so happy to see one in the box because I gave mine to my boyfriend, Steeeeeeve! Really. Neil Patrick Harris is his hero (“How I Met Your Mother” is his favorite show), so you can imagine how happy he was to see that I got the directors to say hi to him on camera and say that they liked him, too, and that they got all dressed up just to say hi to him. FTW! *\o/*

  10. I am so glad Me Ra Koh led me to your blog..great stuff! Looks like LA was a lot of fun!

  11. I’m finding it hard to be happy for you knowing you were HERE in California, just up the freeway. *pouts*

    Glad you had a good time. 😀

  12. Two months later I find out you were in California. I *thought* I felt a disturbance in the force that weekend.

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