Let’s be fiends.

Oh, I love SPAM.

Yeah, not really, but when it’s this dumb, it makes me laugh.

♥ Singlesnet – is the best online place to meet people! ♥
Get immediate access phone numbers and email addresses
takes only 2 minutes to complete form and find fiends or love!!

Screw the love … FIND FIENDS?!?

Dude. If there will be Thriller Zombie Dancing, I’m in.



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8 responses to “Let’s be fiends.

  1. totally cool! I was looking to meet singles and didn’t know where to go to find them! Thanks!

  2. justmeandthevoices

    Wow, I need a few fiends in my life! You know, as bodyguards.

  3. I love fiends!

    They rip out your innards and stuff!

    Very bad boy!

    Ooooo, I’m gettin’ all hot!

  4. Miss Cleo's Mom

    Dude, you missed the Thriller Zombie Dancing at my birthday party last night. It was real.

  5. theboy

    Did you hear M.J. died?

  6. I’m always on the lookout for a few good fiends, myself.

    My all time favorite spam was subjected “Personal Stimulus Package”. Can you believe it had nothing to do with economy?!

  7. Yeah, I’d check that website out except I’ve got all the fiends I need 🙂

  8. Screw the fiends, I want HOT SNIGLES.

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