Leatherface called. He wants his skin back.

So I’m searching the web for a photo to put up in Swap Mama‘s new Antiques & Collectibles group. (Did I mention we’re on track to hit 3,000 members in a few days?!? WAAA HOOO!) I search for “antique dolls.”

I get THIS.


Um …

Hold me.

Which, I’m thinking is going to be the same reaction Yo Gabba Gabba reruns on DVD will get 200 years from now.

But seriously. This? I’m troubled.


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16 responses to “Leatherface called. He wants his skin back.

  1. This is No. 1 on all baby registries for 2009. Where have you been?

  2. It is antique, after all….google never lies ya know

  3. Finn

    that is disturbing

  4. Found you from Chief’s website and am now stalking your blog! All I have to say to this is: What the hell?

  5. jp

    That DJ Lance is on drugs for sure!
    Although I will admit my friends and I made T shirts that say “Don’t Bite Your Friends”!!!


  6. Jeri


    Ok, you had me at hello with this one.

    I’m a recent visitor and instant huge fan of your site. Monte Hanson (old Montana friend? and my brand new husband) told me to check out Mommy Pie because he was certain I would love it, and he’s right!

    I’m in the process of setting up a blog myself–argh–totally raw dawging it because I have no idea what I’m doing and have an aversion to reading directions–so any advice you have would be most welcome.


  7. What the? And now I must pour bleach on my eyeballs, because, damn.

    And congrats on Swap Mamas! So happy for you that it is growing and thriving!

  8. abbodabby

    Gives a whole new meaning to the word “antique.” Will it be available for swapping? 😉

  9. theboy

    I think that’s called a “patina”

  10. Um, that doll looks like something Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs would have had as a kid. Seriously, it looks like it was made of human skin and real teeth. Are those veins on it’s head? Frea-ky!

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  12. Oh my goodness, this reminds me of that episode of NO RESERVATIONS where Anthony Bourdain visits a creepy Mexican Island of the Dolls and there’s just a bunch of dolls that look like this hanging all over.

    It can also be cousin-friends with this one doll I saw in a store here. (I just linked back to you from my not-as-disturbing doll pic).

    This makes me glad neither of my girls are into baby dolls.

  13. Tobi

    O_Q . . . I want that!

  14. So wow, I was searching for photos for an antique show flyer and this came up on the first page. Personally, I love it! I want it for my very own! No bleach on the eyeballs for me, it is disturbing in a most tactile and pleasing way… but then again, I am might be a little odd…

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