Obama comes to Montana and learns to fish in a ditch.

So Friday? Obama came to town.

Oh yeah … and hung out at the house NEXT DOOR for the afternoon.

Which totally sounds like I must live in some hoity-toity neighborhood, but Doogs … I live in a doublewide. Albeit, a nice one, but still … it’s a DOUBLEWIDE. There just happens to be a McMansion a few acres over with a river running through it.

Okay, that’s not true.

It’s really running through the backyard, but that doesn’t sound as poetic or … movie-worthy … I digress.

Turns out the O-Man was learning to flyfish. Which is actually pretty funny. To any seasoned Montana flyfisherman, that particular stretch of river? Might as well fish in a ditch. (And that comes from Poppy.)

Anyhoo, earlier in the day, Obama landed at the airport — which we live all of three minutes from — and we watched Air Force One land from the road just outside the runway. That, in and of itself, was pretty cool.



Once home, we noticed a military helicopter circling the immediate area around our house, over and over. Low. Grammy and I commented on it, but dismissed it as regular security since we were so close to the airport.

A few hours later, Poppy noticed the Secret Service. And Highway Patrol. And Sherrif. And an Ambulance. And 30+ SUVs and cars. All parked at the house next door. He suggested we start shooting gophers from the deck. Which … would’ve been funny until we were all shot by snipers.

I, Gladys Kravitz, had to get a closer look, and recruited MP to walk down our driveway, in the rain, to *check* the mail. Which didn’t look suspicious in the least. Especially when MP balked and stopped halfway there. Too late to turn back, I continued alone, and as I neared the gravel road, a black SUV, previously in park, slammed it into gear, sped toward me, nearly hit me, sped past me … and splattered mud all over me.

I flipped off a G-Man. Crossin’ it off the Bucket List.

A few minutes later, safely back in Grammy’s house (for those who don’t know, our houses are next to one another), we watched the motorcade depart for the mountains.

Grammy stood on the front porch, jumping up and down in the rain, waving like a lunatic. And SHE’s a Republican.

She DID get a photo:


Focus much? I’ll cut her some slack. She had the fevah.


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5 responses to “Obama comes to Montana and learns to fish in a ditch.

  1. Your bucket list. BWAH HA HA HA!!!

    Classic humor right there, my friend.

  2. That is pretty cool. I saw Air Force one at the Toledo, Ohio airport. Whuda thunk it?

  3. “I, Gladys Kravits…” LOL! I loved that character! I once went to see the Clinton’s home while visiting Chappaqua, NY and wasn’t as lucky as you were to just get mud splattered. I was pretty sure the secret service dude was going to pull his weapon on me. Bucket list! You slay, MommyPie!

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