MP, Verminator.

Today, standing in the kitchen, I hear coming from the front porch, “Hey you DIRTY DOG, get outta here! Get outta here or I’ll SHOOT you!”

“HEY!” I call in my best, gruff WTF Voice — a bit shocked (Dude, that’s no way to talk to your grandparents.) and unable to see who her threats are directed toward.

She pokes her head in the door. “I’m just talking to the gophers.”

“Oh. Okay.” Relieved, I turn back to the dishes. Yeah, and picture this — MP not only screaming death threats from the front porch, MP screaming death threats in her UNDERWEAR.

Giddy up. Gopher Huntin’ Season has officially arrived.

But lest ye think we’re a pair of uncultured rednecks, I HAVE show you a tiny glimpse into our very first Mother/Daughter Photo Shoot last night. (Which sounds very shee-shee poo-poo, yes?) The photographer, Alicia Caine, is simply amazing — if there ever were a Child Whisperer, she’s it. Plus she’s way cool AND she actually made me look somewhat photogenic, which I definitely am NOT.


See? Simple country folk and family photos. Just like The Pioneer Woman.

Without all that … money and stuff.



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21 responses to “MP, Verminator.

  1. BEAUTIFUL picture MommyPie!

    The visual of your daughter yelling at those gophers this morning made me giggle really hard! She’s hilarious! Wonder where she got that from…

  2. An absolutely stunning shot. Wow and wow…

    Off to check out alicia’s other work.

  3. I can’t imagine that angelic little girl yelling at gophers! Although, there is a bit of mischief in her eyes…

  4. emily

    gorgeous photo!

  5. That’s a gorgeous photo. I wish someone could work some magic on un-photogenic me and my maniacal children. (not that you are actually un-photogenic or MP is a maniac) Also, the story of MP and the gophers totally reminds me of the day not long ago that my son was riding on old rusty trike up and down our driveway wearing only a t-shirt and underpants himself. Ah, the parenting skillz they show off for us!

  6. What you talkin’ ’bout Willis? You look great!

  7. theboy

    Wait, Wha? You were standing in the kitchen doing dishes? When you’re that beautiful, you should have people for those mop and bucket chores. ………… NOT IT!

  8. 3limes

    Has the Boy seen that photo? He might just propose to you all over again.

  9. Great portrait. You both look very happy.

  10. Andi

    Wow. Absolutely stunning.

  11. Erin

    Oh, lovely…thank you for sharing this.

  12. What? How can you say you’re not photogenic. Every picture I’ve ever seen of you is gorgeous. You have those extremely photogenic cheekbones that I would kill gophers for.

  13. That is an amazingly gorgeous photo of an already amazingly beautiful mama and her adorable daughter.

    Seriously MP…you ARE photogenic.

  14. Oh my Gopher YOU are gorgeous!! You and your daughter.. I agree fabulous photography!! Wowsers!

  15. Love the light, love the photo. This is a fabulous moment captured.

  16. Wow. I can’t say anything else. I knew you were pretty…but Wow.

  17. Oh my god. this is freakin’ amazing! I’m soooo lookin’ her up to do photos of Sara & I.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you, all you lovely people!

    Your checks are in the mail.

  19. Somewhere I have already commented about this photo — Twitter? Can’t remember.

    But anyway, you LIE, MP. Lie lie lie lie lie. I have not seen an unphotogenic shot of you yet! Unless you WANT to look like Queen Latifah and you are disappointed every time you click the shutter?


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