Incontinence is an inconvenience.

My old friend Cracker called from Boise tonight. She relayed the story of her recent dealings with the customer service department of a company that will remain unnamed. Clearly she was frustrated. What follows are the ACTUAL emails between Cracker and a department rep.

This refund takes 30 days and I have process. I am sorry for any incontinence this may have cause you.

Thanks, G



Thank you for your 30 day refund notice for my file. As a matter of fact, this whole situation HAS made me incontinent. I’ve noticed that over the course of this ordeal, I’ve lost bladder control and often found my office chair wet after dealing with you on the phone on a daily basis having to repeat myself time and time again despite your “phone conversation records.”

If our account is not refunded in 30 per your policy (even though YOU made an unauthorized withdrawal) I will more than likely have permanent bladder damage, thus you will also be paying for…. (more)


P.S. If you didn’t catch my above drift, “incontinence” means you have bladder problems. You might want to strike that word from future e-mails to your customers.

No problem.

Outsourcing. It’s good comedy.


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8 responses to “Incontinence is an inconvenience.

  1. God bless spell check mistakes. Yesterday I misspelled “firewood” in a script at spell check righted it to “fireworks.” Suddenly those Pakistani refugees were in a very different situation…

  2. Кругом война, смерть, глупость, а вы тут… сами знаете, чем занимаетесь.

  3. HAHAHAHA! I love it! Seriously though, if someone made an unauthorized withdrawal from my account (whether personal or business) I’d have a problem with incontinence, too.

  4. FYI: I went to Google translate and translated the Russian comment.

  5. I know my incontinence from my inconvenience. But I have to say, they’re pretty close these days;)

  6. Was it outsourced to Russia, perhaps?

    I love seeing commas in a whole string of Cyrillic letters. Yeah right. Like somebody could actually *understand* that stuff. ; )

  7. omg, i never read something like this

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